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Independant Gamer Perspective

Summer Gaming Meltdown

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Yes, its summer and its definitely more difficult to get groups together to game. Why? Because its summer dammit! Of course it is, and rightfully so. Even hardcore gamers appreciate the better weather to a certain degree. What that means for me is generally gaming sessions go down, but i get a chance to write more. I dont have to stay on top of the campaign, so i get to catch up on writing more adventure notes, updating the world and rule sets, and just play with ideas in general.

But, its been more difficult this year.. i just want to tune out more and more. Not sure if thats an side effect of getting older, stress, or what - but it means less stuff is getting done overall. I'm not even getting the lawn mowed... i'd rather watch movies, drink a cold beer, eat cheese and take a walk.

Where is all this going? Who knows... but i know i have adventure materials written for years to come so i am not worried on that front.

But, I'll tip my cold brew back and salute all you hardcore gamers out there still going at it in the heat and the summer, telling stories, experiencing them, and dreaming them in your own worlds. My hats off to you...

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  1. Q-man's Avatar
    I can understand the desire to watch movies and drink beer rather than be outside. The weather here the past few weeks has bee 90+ degrees with high humidity, just not at all close to ideal conditions for yard work.

    I do the same thing during the lull in gaming over the summer, getting a ton of ancillary writing done for the adventure. Once that's far enough ahead I'll start jotting down character concepts for use when I'm a player. Not that I end up using them, those concepts more often get turned into NPC's instead. That doesn't change the fact that the writing is enjoyable.
  2. Blond Gamer Girl's Avatar
    Well, it's humid and hot. Most of the folks I game with, myself included, have an aversion to sunlight so meeting up to game isn't much of a problem.
  3. templeorder's Avatar
    Gods its perfect here in Seattle right now. 8 hour game session set for Sunday and it should be perfect for windows open, 8 people stuffed in a big room screaming to be heard over each other and rolling dice. I'm just wrapping up all my character edits from last session with the sun going down and humidity dropping. Feels great for now.