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Resurrection or New Character?

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Sometimes its hard to decide... I've long past the power gamer stage where i need a character that is the hero and can do everything in every situation. Heck, i don't worry about dying so much as i worry about a good death when it comes. But... what do you do when you are faced with the proposition of the possibility of resurrection vs. the opportunity to play a really cool new character concept? On the one hand, there's a lot invested in the old character... but its old hat. Its known and understood, and while not boring, its a little mundane. Its less challenging from a role-playing perspective. The new character is untested, has a lot of work to figure out their role in the group and social pecking order, where best to use their abilities, and what to focus on development so they compliment others in the party and maximize their own advancement. The known character is about how far i can take story threads and how well the character can build their connections, family, reputation - things the new character will eventually come to as well... can i wait? What's most important? And this changes of course depending on the mood you are in as a player... a crappy day just makes you want a clean slate - screw it! GIVE ME THE NEW GUY! I good day with friends makes you miss the comradeship the old one had and want to do anything to bring that back. Hard to decide...

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  1. Dalkiel's Avatar
    To answer that accurately, I guess it would depend on the game. If it is too easy to be resurrected, then death loses its meaning, but if you REALLY liked the character, it's a nice option. And if you have a new character design, you can always make an additional character to add to your collection, to be played later. You don't have to toss an old one to do that.
  2. templeorder's Avatar
    Resurrection is indeed rare in our game... i have to go with that one. Its hard to say what would have happened - so i gotta know. Someone else got to use the character concept i came up with as another "Death in the family" happened at the next session... so it did not go to waste (though its not me getting to try it out).