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Farcaster's Musings

The Damned II (Session V) - Hunted

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Session Date: February 7th, 2009

The Players: Alucinor (The 'elven' Rogue), SpiffyBananaFoot (Tim the Eladrin Wizard), Corii (Snow the elven Ranger), Aidan (Red the Dragonborn Warlord), JonDOT (Mason, a human fighter), Krackmonkey (Jonas, Dragonborn Swordmage)

On the Other Side
Having regrouped from their tribulations with the manticore and the unstable bridge, the party makes haste along their journey. As they make some distance between themselves and the bridge, they hear the frustrated baying of hounds coming from the trail behind them. They decide not to send a scout to investigate and press ever forward.

Seeds of Discord
It is a few days, if indeed there are such in a place such as Hell, before they reach the mountain pass that will lead to the Silt Flats. They travel unaccosted, but not without conflict. Leonis, their spectral guide, proves to be a continuing source of aggravation to Thorn in particular who lacks wit enough to assuage Leonis' mounting suspicions about the party's escape story. Neither does it help matters when Leonis begins to take "private," but unfortunately overheard, council with Donnar. In these supposedly private discussions, he urges Donnar to take action against Thorn or to at the very least seek to separate himself from Thorn as soon as possible, for he senses great evil in him.

And so, the seeds of discord continue to grow even though Leonis' claims certainly surprise none of these ragtag travelers.

The ascent up the mountain pass is a strenuous climb. Mason shows some talent for mountaineering though and guides the rest of them up the best route. However, a dangerous trap has been laid for them. A tiefling warlock has been hunting the group ever since they emerged from the cave outside Meliphisus' domain. He has patiently stalked them since then, waiting for the opportune time to strike. Once he was certain of the route they would take, he ventured ahead of them and found the ideal point to set an ambush along this difficult path.

The first rock slide that hit them was a clever snare and didn't alert any of them that they were under attack. No one was seriously injured, but it did its job well of putting some distance between the party. The next collapse further spread them as some of the group rushed ahead of the fall and others stayed behind. On the third collapse, one of the party finally spots the tiefling warlock raining fire down from above to set off yet another rock slide.

When next the warlock peeks out from above, Tim is ready and launches himself into a spell that creates a radius of slippery ice around his adversary. This marks Tim well, and the tiefling responds with a fiery assault that lays Tim low and nearly takes his life. As the party tries desperately to regroup, the tiefling continues to launch volley after volley of hellish flame down on them. All the while, he calls out from the precipice above that he will let them go in peace if they will simply give up Donnar. When they do not agree, he looses his hell hounds on them and trips the final rock slide with an infernal blast.

The situation looks very dire, until at least, the adventurers finally manage to regroup. They defeat the hell hounds and make their way up the winding path to the precipice above. Seeing that he will not win the day, however, the tiefling flees down a tunnel and collapses the way so that he cannot be followed. Frustrated, Mason tries to pursue, but by the time he clears the debris, the tiefling is no where to be found.

Exhausted from a difficult climb and still licking their wounds, the party sets up camp right there on the very spot they were ambushed atop the wide precipice, near the top of the mountain pass.

And that concluded our session for the night... Will there be rest for the wicked? We'll find out at the next session.

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