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My first time DM'ing- a few weeks in.

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Hi guys. I have been playing D&D for about 3 months. I have been DM'ing for 2 of those three months. I am posting this today to share with you a summary of my game and maybe even ask for some feed back on my apparent DM'ing skills (or lack there of).

First, I will introduce the players: (Please note that my world may[WILL] not be cannon with the D&D world)

Mordicus- An unaligned Deva, Wizard. Mordicus was born Mathias during The Old Time when the Deva ruled most of the world. A large majority of the Deva race ruled with an iron first, a corrupt iron fist. Mathias was second in his kingdom only to his older brother, who's name long since forgotten. During an uprising by the lower races, Mathias helped the people overthrow his brother but this was soon forgotten as he was still a Deva, and was still judged with the rest of them. It is unknown what Mathias had been doing in the 700 years that passed since The Old Time to today. Mathias was being held in the small town of Knotswood where he escaped and met up with the adventurers. While in Knotswood the adventuring party stumbled into the lair of ancient vampires. Mathias voluntarily chose to become a vampire in order to save the rest of his party. This turned out to be very beneficial to him in more ways than one. Later he was approached by Orcus, Prince of Undeath and asked to serve under his name. Mathias agreed but only if he were paid in accordance. Orcus supplied him with a staff named "The Staff of Mordicus" modeled after his own wand. Mordicus now travels with an adventuring party to The Shadowfell to wage a third war on The Raven Queen.

CusohrNymm- An unaligned Elf, Gloom-pact Hex-blade Warlock. CusohrNymm was born Nymm. She had a close relationship with her brother, Rhys. Rhys was taken in the night. Nymm susspected vampires and searched for over a year for her brother's captors before running into a band of adventurers in Knotswood. Later Orcus offered to reunite her and her brother if she assisted the vampire, Mordicus, in killing The Raven Queen. She agreed and in front of her the decaying body of her brother appeared, undead. She is currently on her way to the Shadowfell. CusohrNymm is also trying to instill her brother's soul into a fresh body.

Bosh- A chaotic evil, Reverent Minotaur Cleric. Bosh was born a goblin, however he can not remember anything of life in a goblin village as he was capturred and sold by slaver's very young. He served under royal blood at Knotswood. One of his masters would take his hands to the oven when he burnt the food that he cooked for them. When a band of adventures came into town he escaped putting one of the man that burnt his hands into an oven alive. He now serves the Raven queen who rewarded him with a new body upon his request.






Sword Mage

The Story:

Basically Orcus is desperate for followers after losing most of them in the second war with TRQ. One of his followers has also discovered that if the number of undead out numbers the dead then undeath will become natural order. Vecna also finds this out. Vecna's presence in the Shadowfell grows and because of it TRQ declares war on him and his followers. The cult of Nu'rall is also rising in numbers. Orcus recognizes this and is willing to lend them aid if he believes that they will succeed.

Some pics of me setting up for next week:

I will answer any questions and I will post again after this week!!!

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  1. skage's Avatar
    Love the duck

    How are you able to mesh the chaotic evil character with the rest of the party?
  2. GlassPyrex's Avatar
    The player does not wish to be CE he just keeps doing things his way so I forced it on him- He is trying to get rid of it. He needs help with his hidden agenda. The other players are worth more to him alive than dead as they listen to what he tells them to do. He will most likely be singled out in the end as he is the only follower of The Raven Queen. but we do not know yet.