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Now what do we do?

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As Dunil makes sure everything useful, in her mind, is collected up, Weslocke finds out what information he can from the new lady. Kylee was with a small group of monks that were heading to Bissel to get information there. As they traveled, they came across three ladys needing help. Stopping to assist, they were surprised when the ladies became the ghoul hags and immediately paralyed 3 of the 4 male monks. This allowed them to easily deal with the remaining male and the lone lady. Paralyzing both of them, they then called out and 8 ogres appeared to collect the 5 of them. As they left the road and traveled through the forest, one of the hags makes some sounds again and an ogre comes over with one of the males. Next thing Kylee knows, the 3 ghoul hags devour the paralyed monk right there. Resuming travel through the woods, they eventually come to a large clearing that is surrounded by trees that sort of resemble a wall. Kylee finds herself placed on the ground and then the hags start to speak together. When she is able to move once again, Kylee finds that she has been trapped inside some type of invisible cage. The ogres take the other 3 male monks inside a huge cave entrance. One by one, the ghoul hags go in and after a short time come back out. Afterwards, the one that seems to give the orders comes over to where Kylee is confined and in a rough common says, "The ones your walked with were very tasty. Oh, don't worry, we only eat males. You my dear will fetch us a nice purchase from the Dark Elves at the market." She trys to use her martial arts fighting to escape, but nothing is able to penetrate her unseen cage. Eventually, as night falls, Kylee sleeps when she can no longer keep herself awake. She startles awake and finds that it is again day. The ghoul hags are arranging the ogres with 4 along each side of the clearing. She then sees an Fire Giant turn from one of the hags and go inside the cave entrance. Now she knows why the entrance is so huge. Next the hag that had been with the fire giant comes over to Kylee's prison and takes out a scroll. After speaking, the scroll disappears and suddenly now Kylee can't even hear her own voice. A little while later, a party of adventurers enters the clearing.

With the battle taking place, they find that it is now growing dark. Eventhough they want to go after the hag that fled into the cave, it is decided that they should wait until morning to do so. Arocken finds a suitable spot for them to make camp that will allow for them to not be right next to the cave that the hag could come out of. The first and second watches go by with out a hitch. About halfway through the third watch, Veda hears a noise. He lets Benedict know and begins to wake the fighters first. Readying his shield and magical mace, Benedict goes to investigate in the direction that Veda indicated.

As he comes to the edge of the light from their camp fire, Benedict catches a glimsp of something move to hide behind a large shrub. He goes back and seeing that Kylee is awake and being able to see in the dark, since she is a half-elf, tells her. Kylee goes over and is able to make out the shape of what looks to be the same as the ghoul hag. She comes back and imparts this knowledge to Weslocke and the rest of them. Weslocke then goes over and with his elven vision is able to see that the creature is preparing something. He goes back and lets the rest know that it definately knows that they are there. He also agrees that it is the remaining ghoul hag that has tracked them down and most likely is deciding on how to attack them.

Figuring the he can cast from the air and be out of the hag's reach, Hockerbrecht uses the flying ability of his sword and floats up 10 feet in the air. Dunil moves around, but keeps her distance since she doesn't want a repeat of their last encounter. Benedict stands waiting to help slow it if it charges the party. Weslocke realizes that the hag is casting and tries to counter with a magic missile attack. The missiles hit the hag just seconds after several small dancing lights appear on the opposite side of the party's camp. It almost looks like the light from about 5 or so torches.

The ghoul hag steps out from behind it's cover and takes a few steps toward the camp. It casts another spell and Cathartic suddenly feels weaker than she had. Kylee turns toward the dancing lights and casts dispell magic and instantly the lights are gone. Knowing that it would get there after the hag cast, Weslocke waits before casting his spell. Flemin rushes forward and attacks the hag with a good swing of his axe and does a good amount of damage. Though weakened from the hag's spell, Cathartic takes out her glowing holy symbol and with a prayer to Pelor, the hag's eyes grow wide and it shrieks in terror before turning and fleeing away. Surprised, Flemin takes another quick swing and does some more damage as the hags leaves. As it comes running past, Dunil tries to lunge out and catch the hag in the back, but it was just barely out of her reach. Now the rest of the party sees 5 missiles work their way around Dunil and slam into the back of the fleeing hag. With it last shriek, it falls to the ground dead from another magic missile attack of Weslockes. Dunil checks but is not surprised to find that the hag was not carrying anything useful. Of course, now the sun is starting to just peek over the horizon.

With morning coming, everyone takes care of their daily preparations. It is decided that even though they killed the remaining ghoul hag, they still wanted to check out the cave. They make their way back and enter. About 150 yards in there is a large room on the left side that is empty and the passage keeps going. They continue along until they come to a "Y" (yes I couldn't resist, since it kept driving them crazy in the actual Lost Caverns module). Now, when they were in the Lost Caverns they had always went right first, Flemin starts down that passage, not paying attention to the discussion that decided to go to the left first since the air coming from that direction was warmer. Luckily, Flemin didn't travel that far by the time he realizes that noone is behind him. He doubles back and goes down the left passage catching up with the rest of them.

As they travel the left passage, it is noticed by all that the floor slopes downward. It also grows warmer the further they go. Eventually, they get to the point where everyone is extremely hot and knowing that if they continue, they would start going through water fast and don't have that large of a supply with them. Turning around they ascend back up the passage until the come to the "Y" again. Flemin is sure to point out that if the rest of them had followed him, they wouldn't have just wasted a lot of walking to nowhere. They travel along and come to a set of stairs that lead down. Not being able to see the end of the steps, even with the infravision of some of the party, they decide to pause at each 100 steps. Finally reaching the bottom at 500, they are wondering where they are. Concentrating for a moment, Flemin tells them that they are about a far deep as the level of the upper section of the Lost Cavern, but is not sure if they are nearby or in which direction they may be..

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