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Whats Old is New

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V20, thats Vampire the Masquerade 20th Anniversary edition, is on the horizon and that makes me think about how much fun I've had with that game even though I came in really late. Revised edition would come out only a year or less after my first real game. I love vampires, always have, the myths and the realities (rabies) but my mom didn't like them, heck she didn't like D&D (though Traveller and Shadowrun were ok) and as such it was hard enough to get my precious Monsterous Manual and have it on the bookshelf rather than hidden in the closet that I never tempted fate with Vampire the Masquerade. I love both the old and the new World of Darkness. I never played Mage the Ascension until after it was Mage the Awakening, never played Dark Ages Fae, and only a few games of Werewolf. I prefer the old setting to the new one (and in some cases I prefer the old mechanics to) and I feel like part of my roleplaying life was lost by not spending more time with these games I enjoyed. Now I'm grown up with a wonderful son but life gets in the way of roleplaying (as it should). People just are not as interested in VtM anymore (been there, done that) so I hope with this new book (and the MMO) we can revitalize some of the classic zany WOD. Hopefuly Bender will do some voice acting again for the video game to...

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  1. Blond Gamer Girl's Avatar
    Agreed. Love oWoD and the entire genre - vampires rock! Skimmed nWoD - didn't care for it just more rules to memorize and to sink money in
  2. templeorder's Avatar
    Its really about the flavor and setting, the mechanics just are a way of telling the story for the GM (as i see it... as a GM!). I never liked the notion of playing a vampire, but i loved Werewolf and enjoyed the old WoD setting. I've really come to realize that it does not take much mechanics to tell a good story, it takes great background materials, a good setting, atmosphere, tone, mood and shared experience. Revel in the memories and the old settings - those were some great materials.