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The Undying Light: In-Game Thread

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The scene

Corellian System


You are looking out at one of the galaxies many mysteries the Corellian system with it's six habitable planets and the massive space station Center Point. As your view moves around the planet you see the space around Corellia is alive with swarming starfighters of all make and model along with the speedy Imperial TIE fighters. Along with the fighters you see a massive fleet of imperial Star Destroyers surrounding the massive bulk of one of the Empires most powerful ship the Executer engaged in a pitched battle with Corellian Defense Force.

As the battle takes place Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader sits quietly in his hermetically sealed meditation chamber. He peers at his ravaged body thinking about the weak willed Jedi that caused all of his physical pain and his hate slowly begins to smolders. He thinks of Obi-wans betrayal and willing defection from his new Empire and his hate magnifies exponentially…then he remembers the face of his beloved and his rage burns to a white hot cauldron of dark power. He channels this energy into yet another attempt to heal his ravaged body. He feels the darkside reforming his battered body at a cellular level seemingly restoring him to his properly healed state but as always the hate and rage is like holding a hand full of Tatooine sand.

The tighter he attempts to contain the power the more it slips threw and his body returns to the tattered and deformed true self. Then the physical pain returns along with the steady throb of heart ache of the loss of his…


Come from the comms equipment thankfully interrupting yet another of his seemingly endless painful thoughts. Vader hits a button to his right silencing the beep and responds,

"I gave you explicit orders that I was to not to be disturbed. You better have a convincing reason for the disturption of my meditation commander, for your sake."

(Brief pause on the com)

"My Lord we have received a holo-transmition that required your immediate attention. It appears to be a broadcast from Corusc…Imperial Center regarding the Emperor."

"Very well commander."

Vader watches the transmition once then replays it two more times.

After stopping the replay he activates the process to dawn his life support equipment and exits the chamber quietly speaking aloud,

"If weak willed jedi scum can blatantly defy the Emperor then it may be time for the Chosen One to choose himself…."

Soon after the Imperial fleet around Corellia breaks off from engagements with the Corellian Defense Fleet and forms up and enters hyperspace on a Core World heading.

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