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We begin with the party being at the Abbey of Pelor at Bissel. The head Abbot had asked Cathartic and Benedict to bring the entire party there. The party was given the evening meal before being warned. It has become known that the Margrave was actually planning on using Daouds Wondrous Lanthorn, Prison of Zagig, and the Demonicon of Iggwilv to help over throw his Grace, the March of Bissel. It appears to have been rather fortunate that the Drow managed to get ahold of the items. At least they didn't get into the hands of the Margrave. Now the race is on. The Margrave has sent out other groups to try and locate the Drow and reclaim the items. The Abbot didn't let the Margrave's troups know that party still has the Demonicon.

Originally the party was thinking of leaving the Demonicon at the Abbey for safe keeping. However, the Abbot told them that it was definately not staying there, so they would need to take it with them. They were given some more rations so that each of them has a total of 20 days of trail rations when they leave. For whatever reason, the Drow have not been seen anywhere near the city of Bissel. Much to the magic usuer's dismay, they didn't have any magic resources to tap from at the Abbey. Everything there is oriented toward the needs of the priests, clerics, and monks.

Having the opportunity to enjoy a nights sleep that doesn't require them to have watches set, they used the evening to prepare for their departure in the morning. Their plan was to go to the village of Gnomevale and see what other information they could gain from thier gnome friends. They knew that it would be a 3 day trip to reach Gnomevale. The first and second day and nights went by with no problems at all. On the third day, they had only been traveling for a couple of hours when Arocken notices that there had been a rather intense fight take place. Of the four types of footprints there, she only was able to identify both the ogre prints as well as those of human types. By the blood drops, there were at least a couple of combatants that got inured. Her best guess as to when it took place was probably sometime the previous evening. Weslocke asked her if she knew what direction they went afterwards. Arocken said that they only tracks that left from the battle went into the forest to the right side of the road. They decided that they should check this out, since they had encountered Ogres previously.

Arocken cautiously leads them into the forest. At first it was relatively easy to follow the trail. Then suddenly, it was almost as if whatever they were following had just vanished. However, since she is an accomplished tracker, Arocken was able to find the most miniscule trace of passage. As she topped the crest of a small hill, she stopped the group. They had found a lot of bones scattered about. The bones were not that old and had signs that they had be picked clean of everything by whatever had devoured this pour soul. Once the bones were gathered, Cathartic and Benedict prayed and blessed the remains. Weslocke took 4 of the teeth from the scull and then the bones were buried. They also noticed that it was getting denser and made it harder to get the wagon through, so they slowed their pace.

As they traveled along, they came to where the "path" that they were following emptied into a clearing that was surrounded by dense trees and had a cave entrance at the back right of the rectangular clearing. Inside the clearing were 8 Ogres, four down the left and four down the right sides. Halfway down the right side was a lone female in some sort of confinement. In the center of the clearing were 3 young ladies. Upon seeing the party entering the clearing, they asked that they be saved from the Ogres. The party jumps into action as if they had planned this all ahead of time.

Being right next to one of the Ogres, Ethelred starts attacking. Meanwhile, Benedict gives the group some immediate help with a Prayer spell and Cathartic starts to weave a Chant. Seeing the lady inside some type of magic confinement and that eventhough her mouth was moving, they couldn't hear anything she was saying, Weslocke tried to use a Dispel Magic on the spell effects around her, but it didn't work. As a couple of the Ogres moved towards the 3 ladies, Veda used a Sleep spell to stop them and figured that if the ladies were sleeping, that would take the attention away from them. However, when the spell only affected the Ogres, this was noted by both the clerics as well as the mages. After sending Magic Missile at an Ogre, Hockerbrecht then moves up the left side trees just like Dunil had done so on the right side. Their plan was to get behind the Ogres and gain the backstab advantage. Mean while, Flemin closes in with his axe and Arocken hangs back and uses her bow.

They concentrate their efforts on the 4 Ogres that are not sleeping. Weslocke switches and pulls out his sword so that he will eventually be able to let dance. Just as they are thinking that things are going well, they can hear that something large is going to be coming out of the cave. The last Ogre on the left side moves over by one of the ladies and Hockerbrecht is there to intervene. He is able to finish of the Ogre, but then the party get another surprise. The ladie turns into a creature that mostly resembles a Green Hag, but something isn't quite right. She then attacks Hockerbrecht, dishing out some damage and paralyzing him where he stands. At this point, a Fire Giant emerges from the cave.

Upon seeing this, Dunil employs her skills as a 10th level thief and moves at another one of the "Hags" to backstab. Her attack is a success and does a substantial amount of damage, but the Hag turns and attacks successfully as well. Now Dunil is paralyzed in place too.

The Fire Giant heads straight up to the front of the clearing where there are several members of the party going after a lone Ogre. Seeing the thieves get paralyzed, Benedict pulls out his holy symbol and with a powerful prayer to Pelor, he actually turns the "Hags". One of them turns and runs into the cave, while the other two pickup the 2 paralyzed thieves as they turn to leave. This allowed Weslocke to place a Web spell on the entrance to the cave. Veda then ads a Grease spell to the ground in front of the entrance. Meanwhile the rest of the party is working on the Fire Giant, as they have dispatched the last Ogre.

As the others fight the Fire Giant, Weslocke and Veda see one of the Hags pick up a piece of wood from a camp fire and reach out and set the web at the cave entrance on fire. It then drops the wood onto the grease to burn it off as well, so that the other 2 Hags can escape into the tunnel. Veda uses his Web spell and as luck would have it, the Hags are able to avoid the webs effect, however, Dunil and Hockerbrecht are caught in the web and now the Hags don't have controll over them and are trying to pull them from the webs. Weslocke then sends his Ice Storm spell at the Hags and with the major damage that it causes, kills those 2 creatures.

Meanwhile, as the fight with the Fire Giant continues, Flemin decides that enough is enough. He steps froward and with a mighty swing, he brings the Fire Giant down. Of course, with the death of those Hags, both Dunil and Hockerbrecht are now able to move. They also notice that the lady that was confined is now free and they can hear what she is saying.

Her name is Kylee. She is a fighting monk. Her small group of monks that were headed for Bissel to collect some information was attacked by the Ghoul Hags. The other members of her group were devoured by the Ghoul Hags and the Ogres. She was being kept to use for trading with the Drow.

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