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The Curmudgeon's Lair

Encounter A2: The Upper Palisade

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Encounter Level 1 (300 XP)

4 Kobold Minions
Slide Trap

When the PC's enter this area they will most likely be investigating the entrance of the cave. The cave is not the entrance to the kobold lair, it is a trap. In fact, most of the upper palisade area is an elaborate trap designed to keep adventurers from finding the real entrance into the kobolds home. The entrance is concealed under the large rock slab on the left side of the upper palisade. When the character approach the entrance of the cave, the kobolds will attack them from a rock ledge above (20 ft) and to the
right of the cave entrance. The kobolds attack the characters with large rocks (10-15 lbs each) with the intent of either killing them outright with the rocks or causing them to panic and flee into the cave
entrance and trap.

Perception, Thievery, or Dungeoneering DC 15: The character notices a blue tinge to the ground near the entrance to the cave. It looks to be cave slime. (25 XP)

Perception DC 20: The character notices a small amount of dust and debris falling from the rockshelter ceiling above the group. When they look up the see four kobolds holding large rocks over their heads,
ready to throw at the party. PC's and kobolds roll for initiative normally. (50 XP)

Nature or Dungeoneering DC 20: The character notices numerous tracks around a sizable rock slab on the left side of the upper palisade that may conceal a secret tunnel. (50 XP)

Kobold Minions
Attack: + 3 vs. Reflex
Hit: Target takes 1d12 damage. Save vs. Fortitude ( - damage) or character is dazed until the end of his next turn.

Slide Trap
Trigger: Character enters the cave area
Attack: +4 vs. Reflex (+1 to hit bonus for each character who enters the cave area)
Hit: Character falls prone, slides 1 square and is surprised (save ends). At the beginning of the characters next turn they slide one more square and fall into a 20 ft. deep pit, taking 2d10 points of damage.
Bonus Damage: Characters take an additional 1d6 points of damage for each character who fall into the pit after them, and lands on top of them.

The four kobolds will wait until the characters are near the cave entrance and then attack them with large rocks. Each kobold has four rocks to attack with, once these are exhausted they will flee through a narrow cave at the rear of the rock ledge that leads 200 ft. to the north east of the rockshelter. Once there they will wait for the return of a kobold hunting party that left earlier in the morning. When the hunting
party returns 2 hours later, they will pursue the characters and try to ambush them.


Characters who fall into the pit must somehow climb out of the trap. Climbing out of the pit easy a DC 15 athletics check, but climbing up the cave slime covered slide is a DC 25 athletics check. Any character who slips and falls takes an additional 2d10 damage. If characters who did not fall into the trap have a long enough rope, it is an easy task (no roll) to help the other characters out of the pit. Characters who
search the base of the pit will find three skeletons with rusty weapons, rotted wooden shields, moldy leather armor and two level 1 treasure parcels.

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Updated 03-09-2009 at 04:55 PM by kirksmithicus



  1. kirksmithicus's Avatar
    I think that I will award PC's (as a group) extra experience points for a successful skill check. Just because it makes the game about more than the body count.