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Rants and Raves about table top role-playing games

First Blog entry

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This is my first blog entry, so here goes.

What is wrong with wizards of the coast. They said that their D&D insider software would be ready by the release date of the Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition books.

This obviously did not happen. It has taken them months, and now finally they have the character generator available.

Then instead of getting the whole suite for $15.00 a month like they originally said, they want to charge $30.00 or more per month. I would not pay that much for an online game, let alone a few software tools that allow me to play D&D over the internet. Really this kind of software is already available for free or for a one time few of a few dollars. Charging me a monthly fee just is not going to fly. I'd be willing to pay $15.00 per month for D&D insider which would include Dungeon and Dragon magazines in a PDF format, the character generator, compendium, character visualizer, and the game table, bonus tools, and dungeon builder.

Seriously they must think that us players are made of money. This is not true, if we were made of money we'd have all the latest stuff, and we would have bought the D&D name a long time ago from whoever owned it.

It almost makes me not want to play anymore. . . Almost.

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition is a good next step for the game though. I agree that in 3.5 and before the spell casters dominated the battles at the high levels. At the low levels the fighter types dominated the battles. In 4th edition though. Everyone is on an equal playing ground. Everyone gets "powers" that they can use in every battle, some as many times as they like. Each class has the ability to use powers once per day that are powerful. This means on the other hand that it is difficult for single player campaigns or adventures. 4th edition is more of a teamwork game now. Before the fighter could run off on his own and clear whole areas without the help of the other party members. Not anymore. Everyone gets about the same hit points and the hit points advance much slower than in previous editions. Overall the game is enjoyable. If you haven't tried it, you should.

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  1. Farcaster's Avatar
    I had not heard about this revision in the monthly fee! That's astounding. I can't imagine why they would think they'd get enough people willing to pay that much for the promised product. Do you have a link to the announcement about the price change?
  2. 1958Fury's Avatar
    $30 a month would be a major price hike. If true, I'm glad I subscribed when I did. Their subscription page is still showing plans from yearly ($59.40 = $4.95 a month) to month-to-month ($7.95).
  3. ARMarcoux's Avatar
    What is wrong with WotC? Well, DnD in general has gone through its 'mandatory' changes. I can't say I've always liked the jumps they've done in the past either. I remember seeing the youtube clip when they announced 4th edition and thinking, wow it might be nice the things they are showing, BUT it's still the same old marketing ploy. DnD is trying to make money, and apparently at any avenue out there. In that showing they said the new edition was for the "advancement and development of the game", when we all know it's just ANOTHER reason (I believe the 5th release of new books) to get consumers to dish out 20-30 dollars per book.

    Summation: it doesn't surprise me they are charging a monthly fee for the subscription. $30 is VERY steep (twice that of even the top MMORPG Warcraft). Truthfully, I wouldn't put my money on either.