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It's 2074, do you know....? (Shadowrun)

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Quote Originally Posted by tim.mineshine View Post
Howdy, This game will be in an area other than Seattle (in the Midwest), and you can be working for a Corp trying to go up to the Elite AA (i.e. MegaCorp, lower grade), and then onto AAA status ("The Big's). Or you can be doing the normal runner's for hire....One way you have backing, and the other you have more freedom

Day not "set in stone" and Friday and Sunday remain a possibility....

Also, at The GAME KEEP (615)883-4800, there are PathFinder, D&D, and other groups that normally run on Fri, Sat, or Sun....Feel Free to swing on by, it's on Lebanon PK, about 2 blocks (distance, not actual cross streets) west of Old Hickory Blvd.

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