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Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic - 4-2-11: Walnut Creek 2

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* * *

On Friday, June 12, 1992, they continued investigating Francis Webber. Zachary learned that he had a record and had served some jail time. However, the man didn’t have any outstanding warrants in the State of Ohio. He’d been jailed for assault and battery and spent some time in the state penitentiary.

They talked about sneaking a camera into the house to see if the bikers were doing anything illegal. Even if it were not admissible in court, Joseph suggested they could use it for blackmail. They talked about cutting the electric line to the house and after some more research, Vivian found that there was probably no phone there. When Joseph mentioned someone linking them to the RV being turned over, Zachary suggested making a fish suit that would make it look like they’d been terrorizing the area.

“Why not?” Zachary said. “That would also disprove that the things exist.”

He noted that even a scuba suit and goggles would do. Everyone liked the idea and they decided to go look for wetsuits. Joseph noted that he could roll around in the mud in the wetsuits and then put them in the garage. Then they would report it to the sheriff.

“And they’ll say ‘We’d have gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for you meddling kids,’” Vivian said.

“Their motive is that they don’t want people near their land,” Joseph said. “If we need to, we can plant evidence there that says they don’t want people there because they’re doing something bad or if they’re doing something bad already, it’s already taken care of.”

They talked of getting in and Jason pointed out that Joseph was a Marine commando.

“Maybe it’s like if you get the raccoon in someone’s backyard and cage it and you release it somewhere else, it won’t come back either,” Vivian said.

“What?” Jason said.

She just shrugged her shoulders.

They determined they needed wetsuits and something illegal. Vivian had some prescription amphetamines that she said they could plant in the house. Joseph also had some amnesia drugs that they might be able to use. There were laws in Ohio allowing for the local government to confiscate the property of those convicted of certain drug charges. They also printed out several prescription forms to plant on the bikers.

They drove to Albion, Ohio, that morning, and purchased five greenish-brown wetsuits. They got goggles and flippers as well and were back to Walnut Creek by early afternoon. Then they went back to the swamp and Joseph wore each suit and got it muddy and dirty. They put the suits into an empty trash bag and returned to town.

They had heard that the bikers went to the Starlight Bar, off Jackson Street, every day from about 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Zachary and Jason went to the bar while Vivian drove Joseph out to the area of the lakes, parking the RV a half mile or so from the bikers’ house. While they were on their way, they got a radio call from Zachary that only four of the bikers were at the bar.

* * *

Zachary returned to the bar from the bathroom and started buying drinks for the bikers. He and Jason spent the next hour there, buying shots for the bikers, until they were all completely drunk.

* * *

Joseph, decked out in his armor and camouflage, and armed with his Colt Delta Elite and Steyr AUG, as well as a taser and the amnesia drugs, watched the house near the lake with binoculars for some time but saw no movement and no sign of the bikers. He also had the amphetamines, the fake blank prescriptions, and $1,000 in cash in his pocket. It was all to be planted. He had a plan of tasing the remaining bikers there and then using the amnesia drug.

He snuck up to the garage and peeked into the broken windows but saw no one within. Then he crept towards the house. He was at the window, listening, when the sound of a dog barking erupted from within. Then he heard the animal scratching at the wall. He slipped around the side of the house, drew out the taser, and waited.

After a few moments, he heard the front door open and the sound of someone cross the porch. Then he heard footsteps walk towards the front of the house. When Little Larry came around the corner with the .44 Magnum in his hand, he pressed the button on the taser. With a “puff” the weapon fired its barbed darts, which completely missed the man.

Little Larry raised his pistol only a little and fired low, striking Joseph in the lower abdomen. He felt something burst in his crotch and a wave of pain washed over him but he turned and ran to the nearby tree as he dropped the taser and drew his Colt Delta Elite. Another blast from the .44 Magnum blew a wide hole in the side of the tree, missing Joseph completely. Using the tree for cover, he returned fire, the first bullet only grazing the man in the right leg. The second shot struck the man in the abdomen and he screamed, jerked, and his body seemed to fold over onto itself.

Joseph could feel something wet running down his leg.

* * *

In the RV, Vivian had been watching Buck Rogers but had heard the shooting and started the vehicle, putting it into gear and roaring down the road towards the house.

* * *

Joseph examined his wound and was horrified to find that he was missing his right testicle. He did his best to put a field dressing on the injury and tried not to think about the horrible wound. He radioed to Vivian he had been injured and heard the RV approaching. As it got close, there was a shotgun blast from the porch of the house that struck the RV on the side.

“There’s a man with a shotgun by the front door!” he heard Vivian say over his implant communicator.

He slid his Steyr AUG off his shoulder as the second blast struck the driver’s side window but did not break the armored glass. The RV slowed but did not stop as he moved around the house and closer to it. The RV struck a tree behind him. He could see Fats, on the porch, had cracked open the shotgun was reloading it. He fired a three round burst and the man fell to the ground and didn’t move again.

Behind him, the engine on the RV went dead. A few moments later, Vivian came out and sent Joseph back into the RV to lie down. She also suggested he clean himself up. He was starting to feel light-headed as the adrenaline rush faded. She took the camera and set up the laptop in the back of the RV where he was lying down.

She went into the garage and found two motorcycles and plenty of parts. She also found a large tool cabinet and started to use the corner of her shirt to try to move it. Joseph, over the implant communicator, ordered her back to the RV for gloves so quickly ran back and got some, returning to plant the drugs and the prescriptions.

“What’s going on?” she heard a muffled voice say.

* * *

In the bar, Zachary had bought six shots for each of the bikers. They were drinking them down and very quickly succumbing to the effects of the alcohol. He went into the bathroom and used the wrist communicator to contact Vivian and Joseph.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“Joseph has been shot in the balls,” Vivian’s voice came back.

“Is he okay?” he asked.

“He’s fine,” she replied. “I left him in the RV with some hot pockets. I’m planting the evidence.”

“The people, I assume, are dead?” he said.

“Oh yeah, they’re dead,” she replied. “We’re making it look like they killed each other in some sort of biker fight.”

“You need to make sure that the weapons used to kill people are left there,” he said.

* * *

She quickly ran back to the RV.

“Uh, Joseph?” she said. “What guns did you use to kill these guys? They looked pretty ****ed up.”

“Yes,” Joseph replied.

“What guns did you use?”


She turned back to the wrist communicator.

“I’m no ballistics expert,” she said. “I don’t know what guns he used but he is not answering.”

She ended up getting both of Joseph’s weapons from the floor of the RV where he’d dropped them, and then asked Joseph over the implant communicator where to plant them. He told her where to put the guns and told her to put the shotgun and the magnum into the house. Then she got the five wetsuits and put them in the garage.

She returned to the RV, backing it out and driving it back to town.

* * *

The bikers had all passed out or were about to pass out so Zachary and Jason left the bar and went to the diner. Zachary guessed that the bikers would go right by the diner when they left the bar and, sure enough, an hour or so later, they came out of the side road and drove right by.

He made an anonymous phone call from the phone booth in the diner that he’d heard gunfire at the lake.

A minute or two later, he saw the sheriff’s cruiser tear out of the impound lot, lights blazing, and tear off down Mill Road. He went out to the RV and they headed towards Indianapolis, where the nearest Bureau 13 supply dump was located, about three hours away. They found the storefront for Donnie’s Fine Collectables downtown. The store looked like a head shop and they passed Donnie, who looked like a stoner. They found the light switch in the back that could be opened for their Bureau 13 command card.

Donnie watched them carefully as Zachary entered his card and code the floor descended under them as a new floor closed over them.

Supply dump #42 contained a vehicle elevator, vehicle storage and repair area, equipment and parts storage, shower and decontamination, office and central computer, library computer, security/holding tank, rec room/lounge, medical/surgery/trauma, communications and computers room, sleeping area, kitchen/dining area, electronics/fabrication room, an incinerator, and a supply/weapons room. They got Joseph into the surgery room and made a phone call to a Bureau 13 doctor friendly. The man arrived within a half hour and tended to Joseph’s injuries.

Over the course of the next few days, they found out that the sheriff did, indeed, show up right after the drunken bikers returned to the cabin. They were all arrested as two dead bodies were found on the premises, as well as an illegal, fully-automatic Steyr AUG assault rifle, amphetamines, blank prescriptions, a good deal of cash, and the scuba suits. The Walnut Creek Star ran a full-page article that next Thursday with a large picture of Sheriff Knox holding up one of the scuba suits. According to the article, it was thought that the perpetrators had been trying to set up a gigantic drug ring in the area and used the lake monster story and the suits to scare off anyone who came around. It was also thought the Ohio Disciples Motorcycle Club was working with some larger drug organization.

A week later, Zachary returned to Walnut Grove and was interviewed by the paper, noting that there were no bears in the area.

Legislation passed by the end of the year declaring the Sam’s Creek area a wetlands preserve. The cabin and property owned by the Ohio Disciples was turned over to the county and made into a ranger station.

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