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Blond Gamer Girl

Gaming….Exercising the Imagination

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Many studies have been done that prove if you don’t exercise your mind, your intelligence will go down and the opposite holds true as well. Of the different aspects of brain power, my weakness was creativity according to all the tests. Conversely, analytics and especially arithmetic were my strongest and I excelled to high levels in them. Once I started gaming, I found my creativity increased.

A year later, I started writing fan fiction as a result of that creativity. Almost four years ago, during a six month lay-off I tweaked it up and published on-line and continued to do so with great improvement along the way.

Because of positive reviews and encouragement to write original fiction, I have decided to write a paranormal fiction novel. I’ve given myself one year to complete it before I submit for publication. Whether or not I ever get published is irrelevant. To me success is actually completing it to the best of my ability and being brave enough to submit it and face possible/probable all around rejection. To that end, I would just go to on-line or something.

In summary, gaming increases creativity and can have a positive effect on your life if you let it.

Anyone else?

BTW – I’m not quitting my job or anything. My analytical side ran the numbers and the day job is still important in paying the mortgage and other expenses.
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  1. templeorder's Avatar
    As a GM, my gaming experience IS the story writing. Its my creative outlet - like the players have their characters, so the story itself is for me. The only negative impact my gaming has is time with my wife, who has no use for it and prefers her creativity through textiles, glass works, fashion, and millinery outlets. I don't know what i'd do without it. All the cool ideas i think of during the day somehow end up in my stories. All the interesting science, medical, and technology stories i read daily inspire some direct outlet in my writing for fantasy, conspiracy or dark futures milieus. Its all for my own benefit - i publish it all online under creative commons and i don't care if anyone uses it - it is for me, after all. I say publish what you have got, damn the torpedoes. Writing is a healthy exercise of the mind and what comes of it can be your voice if you let yourself post it somewhere - a voice that can reach a lot of people and inspire them in turn.