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Solomon Kane Chatlog, Session 5

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So I ran Session 5 of Solomon Kane, the first real beginnings for the Wanderers, on a definite beginning of a quest to find their destinies. I'm... not sure what I think. I forgot to save Session 4. I'm certain this adventure should have only been 1 session long, but it's going to run 3 (hope to GOD it doesn't exceed that, or I've done something horribly, horribly wrong) - and no combat in it so far. I feel like I've failed somewhere, very badly, but the players that stuck around seemed to have enjoyed it so far, so I'm at a loss.

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Current Adventure Log

Solomon Kane Session 5 Chatlog PDF (at Googledocs)

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Updated 04-02-2011 at 02:20 AM by jpatterson

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  1. templeorder's Avatar
    No plan of battle ever survives contact with the enemy. As long as everyone keeps having fun, don't worry too much.