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Random Superhero Campaign ideas

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Quote Originally Posted by Utgardloki View Post
I turned on the TV, and the guy on TV was talking about how many bridges there are in the United States that are in danger of collapsing because of lack of maintenance. That got me thinking of an idea for a character in a superheroes campaign.

An engineer knows that a bridge is likely to collapse, but she can't get the government to spend the money to fix it. So she blows it up herself, blocking up traffic first and working late at night so that innocent people are not hurt.

Then she goes around the country, looking for other bridges that are about to fail, and blowing them up. This gets the PCs involved in catching the latest supervillian, since they don't know why she is doing this.

I have no plans to use this idea any time soon, but thought I'd offer it up in case somebody needs something for their superheroes to do.

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