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Kingdom Generator

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I designed this kingdom generator for my new world of Khodax.

Step one, on a piece of engineering graph paper draw a regional map to the scale of 20 miles per square. Include major geological features like rivers, forests, hills and mountains.

Kingdom Size:
Roll 1d100 x 10 square miles (You can adjust this to create larger or smaller kingdoms.) After you calculate the square mileage of the kingdom, have the PC outline on the map where his borders will be.

Kingdom Population: Std. 1k per 100 square miles. Roll 1d6. 1-3 Isolated -1/2k, 4-5 Mixed +1k, 6 Integrated +4k

Power Center Alignment: Roll 1d10. LG, NG, CG, LN, TN, CN, LE, NE 9-10 (roll twice indicating conflicting alignments in the power center)

Kingdom Politics: Roll 1d8. 1 Clan, 2-3 Feudal, 4 Monarchy, 5 Republic, 6 Magocracy, 7 Theocracy, 8 Other

Kingdom Technology Base: Roll 1d20. 1-3 Stone Age, 4-8 Bronze Age, 9-13 Dark Age, 14-19 Crusades, 20 Early Renascence

Class Demographics: Roll 1d10 x 9% = percentage of literate middle-class, Roll 1d10 x 1% = percentage of upper-class. Roll 1d100. 1-30 60% Rural, 20% Urban, 20% Abroad, 31-60 50% Rural, 40% Urban, 10% Abroad, 61-80 40% Rural, 55% Urban, 5% Abroad, 81-100 30% Rural, 69% Urban, 1% Abroad. Also roll Percentages for Warriors, Clergy, Nobility, Workers and Commoners.

Orderly Transitions: Roll 1d20 1-5 (1 Year), 6-12 (5 years) 13-17 (10 Years), 18 (20 Years), 19 (50 Years), 20 (100 Years)

Law Enforcement: Roll 1d4 1 - Strong, 2 - Moderate, 3 - Weak, 4 - Hardly Any

Corruption: Roll 1d4 1- Strong, 2 - Moderate, 3 - Some, 4 - Hardly Any

Social Standing: Roll 1d4 1 - Always Matters, 2 - Sometimes Matters, 3 - Rarely Matters, 4 - Never Matters

Economics: Roll 1d20 for # of Common Trade Items. Roll 1d20 to Identify each item. (Rolling the same number twice gives the player the option of re-rolling or doubling the items value.) 1 Grain, 2 Metal Ore, 3 Tobacco, 4 Musical Instrument, 5 Wood, 6 Spices, 7 Textiles, 8 Precious Metals, 9 Tomes, 10 Maps/Charts, 11 Gems, 12 Art Objects, 13 Mundane Items, 14 Minor Magic Items, 15 Alchemical Items, 16 Armor, 17 Weapons, 18 Livestock, 19 Horses, 20 Slaves.

Roll 1d100 x 500gp annual trade value per item

Roll 1d20 for # of Rare Trade Items. Roll 1d20 to identify each rare trade item. (Rolling the same number twice gives the player the option of re-rolling or simply doubling that items value) 1 Exotic Animal, 2 Exotic Weapon, 3 Exotic Armor, 4 Masterwork Weapons, 5 Masterwork Armor, 6 Exotic Material, 7 Masterwork Tools, 8 Exotic Tools, 9 Exotic Language, 10 Other-planar Items, 11 Exotic Strategy Game, 12 Exotic Herbs, 13 Wonderous Magic Items, 14 Clockwork Items, 15 Ancient Artifacts, 16 Literature, 17 Delicacy Food or Drink, 18 Mercenary Warriors, 19 Magical Beast, 20 Exotic Tutors.

Modify the total annual trade value of all trade items by the percentage of workers.

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  1. jpatterson's Avatar
    It could be useful for quick and dirty kingdom/area gen, either for players, or GM. There are larger and more involved ones, with interaction and all that, but this is fast, linear and all on one page. Nice, thanks for sharing!
  2. Narayan's Avatar
    Racial Composition: If a player decides to add a race with an ecl of +1 or higher in their kingdoms population subract 20% from the total population for each ecl over 1.

    For eample if a player wanted to include a community of drow their ecl would detract 80% from the total population.

    The player can then assume the drow could represent up to 20% of their total population to keep things balanced.
    Updated 03-09-2011 at 09:57 AM by Narayan