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The horror of Yukon

TOEE: North Bridge Complex

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got to it easier than I thought. A lot of these creatures YES come from dungeon magazines. But I bet you can find good analogues if you don't have access. As always, will include level and role.

Also, will go in order I would think the party would approach each room.

216 Has Ig and Og
Og: Og, Orog Hero (level 6 elite soldier)
Ig: magrak Ironjaw (level 6 elite brute)

Og will take on the the very mobile/ranged strikers (rangers, rogues, etc...)

Ig starts out in boar form. He charges the biggest looking dude (fighters, paladins, barbarians, etc...). He attacks until he hits with gore. Afterwhich he changes to humanoid form (Orog appearing), and attacks until he can use murderous smash. As soon as the target is prone, he transforms and repeats the process.

208 2x hobgoblin grunts (level 3 soldier minions)
205 3x hobgoblin grunts
206 3x hobgolin grunts
207 Blue dragon goblin ally (lvl 6 solo artillery)

the grunts will retreat to 207 as soon as they can. They try and get as many other grunts to join them as they can.

They provide a wall for the blue dragon so it is free to use its ranged attacks.

The blue dragon keeps at least one grunt adj for the AC bonus. He starts off with frightful presence as soon as everyone is in range and uses an AP to use his breath weapon. As long as the grunt wall retains, he uses his breath weapon when charged or lighting burst. If a PC manages to get within melee range, he immediately use draconic fury and uses his second AP to use it again, then shifts away.

210 3x spitting cobras [henchmen; HP:32]
They are well trained and will come when called or go to Oamarthis if encountered by anyone they don't recognize

211 Oamarthis: skulk hunter (level 5 soldier) [equipped with a magic item treasure parcel]
Riu Lotass: Barghest Battle Lord (level 7 controller shapechanger)
Grock: goblin hexer (level 3 controller)

6x banite converts [add phalanx soldier and make them hobgoblins] (level 5 minion soldier)

Half of the converts will take on one ranged guy, while the other half take on another ranged guy.

Oamarthis will direct the cobras to attack melee guys with blinding spittle. Any guys blinded will immediately be attacked by Oamarthis with invisible blade.

Riu will immediately transform into a wolf and use life feed on the closest knit group (but avoid targeting minions). Then he'll continue to use psychic howl on whoever.

213 poisoned dart wall trap [level 6 lurker trap]
treasure parcels x2

Next time: ape lair and entrance to water temple

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  1. gCrusher's Avatar
    Great, thank you.
  2. yukonhorror's Avatar
    no problem, any comments on how the adventure runs would be appreciated. Also, I'd start at the moathouse at the very least. Helps sets the stage for the campaign.