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The Party Members

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As promised previously, here are the characters for Tsojcanth: Search for the Drow.

Weslocke: Elf mage 9 / fighter 6. He is the party's leader.

Flemin: Dwarf fighter 7. Although next to the shortest member, he is the physically strongest.

Arocken: Human ranger 7. She is the party's guide through the wilderness.

Benedict: Human cleric 7. He has been the all around cleric; healing and fighting/support.

Hockerbrecht: Half Elf fighter 5 / mage 5 / thief 6. He is the party "Jack of all trades."

Dunil: Halfling thief 10. She is the party's "financial advisor."

Cathartic: Human cleric 8. He/She was able to keep the Drow from getting 2 of the artifacts.

Ethelrede: Human fighter 8. She is the party's most seasoned fighter.

Veda: Human mage 8. He/She is the classical party mage.

Name TBD: Half Elf fighting monk 5. She will be joining the party when we start.

Yes folks, that is a total of 10 players. Unfortunately, one of our members will be tied up for awhile with their spouse going in for surgery, so we will start with the characters taking care of preparations before setting out to find the Drow and retrieve the stolen artifact. As I get to talk with the players, I will post what they have their characters doing before the party sets out from Bissel to search for the Drow.

Of course, with the characters being higher in levels now, we will have to have a lot stronger encounters for them to deal with. Not just creature wise, but also having to figure things out and utillizing their proficencies as well. Let's see if all the characters survive the adventure again this time. Not that I am specifically trying to kill them off, but adventuring off of the beaten path shouldn't be a walk in the park either.

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