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Melissa's Gaming Blog

Duty Log of Shayla Kaie - Page 2

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  • Tasked by Damar Laetroto to find religious artifacts north of the border.
    Find an adventuring party going north, beyond the border.
    Found three Wuld that are also northward bound for adventure.
    Find northern artifacts and return them to temples of The Starís Source.

  • Tasked by the King through proxy to retrieve great relics.
    Present the ancient crown to the King in Lis.
    Recieve permission to travel past the north border.

  • Tasked by Duty to prevent Master Falcon from committing murder.
    Must find Gitsi and offer to protect him from the crimminals in persuit of him.
    Must Capture Master Falcon and turn him into the authorities.

  • Tasked by Law to capture thieves that broke into the money changerís office
    Detained evil wererat for questioning
    Apprehended the fugitiveís brother who has been aiding and abeiting him.
    Turned the murderer and his accomplice in to the Wuld sheriff in Lis

  • Tasked by Duty to clear the land of dangerous crimminals.
    Discover what crimes Finneous has committed.
    Learn where he is a wanted man.
    Apprehend the fugitive and turn him into the local authorities.

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