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Tsojcanth: Search for the Drow

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Ok folks, the other members of our tabletop game group are chomping at the bit to get back to my 2E D&D game. Since I have gotten the opportunity to play a character in both another DM's 2E as well as another GM's Conspiracy X game, I have told them to give me a couple of months to finish getting things together to kick of the next game. I hope to have concluded my online "Destiny of Kings" game that I have been running in the Chat by the time this starts. All of the original 9 characters will be returning as well as a new 10th character.

The party now has to find the Drow's stronghold to retrieve artifact that was taken from them. The biggest problem they face is that nobody knows where the Drow have made their home. The one thing that they do know is that they are going to have to travel areas of their map that have no roads shown on it. As before, when we start up, I will make a blog entry to allow those of you that were following the party's progress to be able to continue to do so. Watch for another entry in which I will list all the characters that will be in the game.

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