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Sass & Sorcery

The Dresden Files RPG: Kickback City

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A quick summary of our Dresden Files game, up to the latest session.

Washington, D.C.: "Kickback City"

- Themes (Aspect): Entrenched political groups make it difficult to enact change (Us vs. Them)
- Threats (Aspect): Growing dissatisfaction calls the underprivileged to action (What About the People?); New powers make plays for established territory (Small Time, For Now).

The Cast

Jesop Manson (Focused Practitioner)
- High Concept: Mortuary Ectomancer
- Trouble: Prefers Company of the Dead
- Other Aspects: "I can see dead people"; Eerily Skilled; Painting the Bigger Picture; Desire to Help; On the Trail of Third Eye

Lars Christchurch (Pure Mortal)
- High Concept: Regular Shmoe
- Trouble: Lots of Mouths to Feed
- Other Aspects: Loyal to Customers; *Not* the Man of Her Dreams; Gotta Get Out of This Bar

Chris Langley (Wizard)
- High Concept: Warden, Humanity's Last Defense
- Trouble: "I always get the 'best' jobs."
- Other Aspects: A Duty to Others; "Just being honest"; "I know a little about how things work in Washington"; Cautious of Non-Mortal Magics

Jordan Bishop (Changeling)
- High Concept: Sidhe-blooded Sorcerous Sleuth
- Trouble: The Pressure to Choose
- Other Aspects: Bishop Black Sheep; A Promise Made Thrice; Sucker for a Pretty Face; Always a Bigger Fish; Det. King Has a Crush on Me

The Story So Far...

The "Third Eye" ring out of Chicago is no longer in operation, though its remnants are still turning up as far away as DC. But this latest batch is different - seemingly made of nightmares, causing its users to suffer horrific visions - and the fear it generates is starting to attract attention from the Nevernever. Can this disparate group fend off a faerie phobophage (and other supernasties) long enough to find the drug's source and shut it down?

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