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Blond Gamer Girl

Shadowrun Rules Augment

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In my previous post I mentioned that I have a list of disagreements with some rules so I thought I would put them here. Some of these augments can be used in other systems as well. Let me know if you like them. I'm curious of what folks think of my creativity and my thoughts on attribute defaulting in any system.

SR4 Rules Augmented

When using Astral Perception, the sorcerer can either perceive cyber and essence like the book does. OR They may read auras, with the same required successes as the Assensing Table p. 183 SR4. The Aura colors can tell you mood and magic (see the Aura table in WoD Vampire 2nd or 3rd ed.). However, knowledge of the Occult must be purchased at level two. While you can do both with two separate rolls, both CANNOT be done at the same time.

Skill Groups (GM Created)

Sherlock (Intuition)
Perception: the process of using the senses to acquire information about an individual
Lie Detection: By reading facial expressions you can sense lies (Think Lie To Me)
Inference (think of the scene in Young Sherlock Holme when Holmes meets Watson)
Sense Motive
Scan: the process of using the senses to acquire information about the surrounding environment
Threat assessment (think The Fifth Element when Corbin Dallas assesses the hostage
situation in a couple of seconds)
Noticing Details: Think Monk

Bodyguard Merit Group (Intuition)

Threat Assessment: Scan through a crowd and notice immediate dangers (the guy carrying a gun); +1 Dice to an Intuition + Perception Roll for the above situation only

Harm’s Way: When guarding and you are very near your client (4 ft or under), you are able to put yourself in harm’s way for the attack intended for them. Technically, its -1 for dodge for you and +1 for your client.

Fancy Footwork: In close combat with an attacker and your client is near or helping your client to dodge bullets from a far off attacker, you are able to punch and kick an attacker; fire a gun while blocking your client from bullets; whip a sword around to parry an attack without penalty or simply grab your client and run. In any of the aforementioned or like, you add +1 to your attack or reaction bonus (running only for reaction).

Composure: When guarding your client, you can keep a cool head when the it hits the fan. Add +1 dice to your dice pool for willpower or initiative rolls in the case of the aforementioned situation.

Load Bearing: As long as your client isn’t bigger than you, you can carry them for short bursts during a dangerous situation without penalty or a strength check (10 minutes). You can even fight without penalty. If carrying someone, it would be one handed fighting or kicking in the course of brawling. (Body of 3 and Strength of 3 are Prerequisites)

Attributes (Defaulting without the Skill)
While the book says it is all good, I strongly disagree. Be warned. {Case in point: Your buddy who has never touched a gun, picks up a hair trigger Italian made sub-machine gun and decides to fire it. They have never felt a gun kick and if they drop it may fire when it hits the ground. Do you stay in the same building? My point exactly}

Ties in Dice Rolling
Always goes to the PCs.

Common Sense Merit
Newbies appreciate this. You get it for the first three game sessions for free.

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  1. micalus's Avatar
    I also have problems with being able to dodge bullets (using reaction) and the magic system in general. The mages I've seen played never take drain. I think 2nd edition had it better in those respects.