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Giving 4e one more try

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Today I was invited over to one of my childhood friend's house my friend told me he had a game he wanted me to help him out with to my dismay it turned out to be 4e D&D. Now I have tried this edition more than one time as player and as DM and every time I did it always seemed to leave a very sour taste in my mouth.

To me it never seem to hold the same magic the same feel that earlier editions did to me, however my friend wanted me to help him learn the rules of the game as he was heading to Albany Sunday to play and didn't want to come off looking like a idiot.

As he is my friend and has helped me out more than I care to count I sucked it up and came over to his house with a 12 pack of Guinness and my lap top we went to work. As he recently won the 4e red box on ebay we had all we needed to introduce him to what he wanted.

I opened the box and began to teach and at first he didn't like the simplistic way the game was laid out. I told him it was set up for people who never played a role-playing game before so it would make it easier for them to learn the ropes. Anyhow fast forward two hours later we were going full steam by then his wife was home making her famous chili and was listening in on the game-play.

Flash forward a hour later she too was playing the game as the clock ran down for me to head home I helped him pack up the game. My friend gave me a lift home and asked me if 'I liked the 4e any more than I did before?' To be honest if the 4e came out under another name other than D&D I would have said yes the first time I played it. Now after the third time I can say it's OK I mean it isn't the worst gaming system I've ever played but it's OK.

I guess like when you fall in love for the first time you never reach that hight in passion ever again I guess my feelings for D&D is quite the same. Mind you my first love was and always will be 1e where 2e was sweet, 3e and 3.5 were very nice. Now 4e I guess is fine in it's own way and to some of you it's your first love so in that way I'm happy to see that same passion I once had.

So in closing do I like 4e? Who am I to tell you? Use your own mind and decide for yourself. Like it hate it fact is it's here so I guess deal with it.

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  1. Zander's Avatar
    4e is way to much like playing a online game to me. Every thing is cookie cutter and over powered. The main loss in 4e leveling and aquiring of power, becuase whats the point of playing when you start out as monster slaying badass.
  2. templeorder's Avatar
    Its very MMO, but it has its places. I also tried the board game and really did not like that - it definitely took the magic away and made it war gaming + the endless pursuit of pluses that is 4e.