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Level 4 Here I Come

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Good day to you all!!
Today's session started off in the room of traps they overcame last session. Upon kicking in the door they were greeted with a room full of zombies, their ghoul leader, and a strange clay creature called a homunculus. The battle was fierce with the ghoul immobilizing people and the clay creature firing mind rays of all things. About half way through the fight the clay thing decided it had had enough and flew into the darkness yelling for Kaleral.

The players then descended a short flight of stairs and gently pushed in a double set of doors to reveal...a small entry with three more doors, well two and one that has been bashed in. Outside of this entry was an enormous room; an alter to Asmodius spewing blood everywhere. The blood ran though narrow troughs and into a large hole in the floor. On the sides of this hole were 4 chains leading down into the depths. Here the party did something I didn't expect, they separated. The ranger, warlock, swordmage and splug went left, while the cleric and the fighter went straight in. While sneaking around the ranger kind of stumbled into a pair of vampire spawn..oops guess he should have looked through the key hole. Well when this battle was joined the cleric and fighter decided it was time to kick in the door they were standing at, and they were greeted with the good 'ol priest on the far end and their friend the clay homunculus. Oh, and the two human berserkers, two more vampire spawn and a strange shadowy Halfling sized thing, that did a damn good job of occupying the ranger by the way, and then later in the fight two more vampire spawn sprung from the shadows. All in all the fight wasn't all that difficult except for the clay homunculus getting away again. This time, as the fight was closing and all of the lackeys died the scout flew straight down into a large hole in the ground. After this abandonment the cleric fell pretty easily as he was a 'laser' cleric and melee was not his forte.
When the players finished with the cleric they descended, oh so unceremoniously, into the depths of the hole of blood. Two of the party members managed to descend the chains without incident but the rest managed to fall 50' into a pool of blood, very nasty, yet oh so funny. This area was just as large as the other only this time the blood was flowing from the pool into two grates on either side of a magical circle right smack dab in front of a portal to the shadowfell; this would be the rift they've been looking for. This is also the lair of Kaleral, evil cleric of Asmodius. A fight made even more difficult by the presence of the homunculus the players systematically destroyed the cleric's defenders (two skeletal warriors and the clay creature) then attacked the cleric himself. At first Kaleral didn't seem too difficult, he fired rays of dark energy that had a damaging effect and weakened the target. It was when they got in melee with him his true power came out. His rod was as damaging as a great sword and backed up by his magic and command of undead he was truly a power to behold. This was all coupled with his ability to instantly transport himself to his evil circle and fight in concert with none other than the "Thing in the Portal" Apparently the portal to the shadowfell was partially open. Enough to permit the devil on the other side to attack physically through the portal anyone within 15' of it. Fortunately the creature's attack power was only sufficient to annoy the players at first. It wasn't until the ranger and swordmage fell in combat that things got ugly. Luckily for the party the warlock (all the way on the other side of the room) and cleric were able to finish off Kaleral (at least with Splug's help) and in the nick of time pull the ranger from the grasp of the "Thing." The swordmage was not so lucky. The "Thing in the Portal" managed to kill our arcane warrior but failed to drag him in as the party extricated his limp corpse. This only left the dreadlock wight, oh did I forget about him? Well I might as well have, I think the thing hit the party only a total of 3 times this whole battle. Needless to say they dispatched the creature without much problem.
With the battle at a close and the portal only partially open the players decide to take a short rest and return to town. The closing of the portal will have to wait until another day, and some research into the issue. As a final note, the players limped back to town with the dead body of their companion stuffed into the bag of holding in search of a raise dead ritual.
Oh, and DING!!!

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Updated 02-27-2009 at 02:43 PM by Zaistars

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  1. benjaminze's Avatar
    we should probably be glad we didn't put anything else in the bag yet that could have been bad
  2. Kwykblade's Avatar
    [SIZE=3]Whats with the portal to shadowfell? Asmodius lives in the Nine hells wich is in the Astra Sea?[/SIZE]
  3. benjaminze's Avatar
    maybe its like a plane stop over hes going from the nine hells to are plane to reek havoc but there is a lay over in the shadowfell