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GoddessGood: The Ramblings

Border War Campaign Part 12

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This week was unfortunately cut short due to excessive stupidity on my part. I drank two Monster energy drinks and had a single slice of pizza for dinner. So when I had a caffeine crash and a blood sugar crash at the same time, the massive migraine that followed shouldn't have been too much of a surprise. It did, however, afford me the opportunity to leave this entry at a cliffhanger .

Our game begins with Nine Willows and Ominous Whispers standing at the entry to the shadowland at the Council Hall entrance. While gazing into the mirror the party had found, Willows watches as the mirror reveals the remaining Abyssal getting a dressing down from someone. That someone commands him to return to the city, and to bring an army ... and above all, retrieve that mirror! Willows deduces that this mirror is some sort of communications device that allows people to talk over great distances.

Rami arrived at the Hall and conveyed what had happened at the river to Whispers and Willows, informing them that the army of Sumar was still marching on the town. Willows told Rami that a second army was coming as well, this one led by the remaining Abyssal. The three discussed their situation and Wataru approached with Gaias, who carried the dead body of his brother. The party left for the relative privacy of the inn where they laid out Gaias' brother and Willows proceeded to reattached his hand through her powerful healing arts.

The party concluded that the Abyssal planned to kill the entire Sumar army inside the city of Three Oaks in order to expand and solidify the burgeoning shadowland. Wataru decided to try and head off the Sumar army at the second river crossing so that their lives would be spared. He told Rami to retrieve the black armor that Gaias' brother had worn. Their plan was that Gaias would wear his brother's armor and command the Sumar army return to the city if Wataru was unable to stop them.

Wataru managed to cripple many of the Sumarian boats and slow their crossing and, after much convincing, Gaias wore his brother's black armor and dragged a "captive" Rami back to the Sumar front line. Masquerading as the Abyssal, Gaias said that Three Oaks had been taken, Sumar was victorious and that he would hold the city. The Sumar army rejoiced and began the trek back across the rivers while Gaias and Rami returned to the city.

In the meantime, Wataru and Nine Willows were searching the city for the people who did not leave and leading them to safety. Ominous Whispers had one of her attendants place her in a strategic location on a rooftop facing the Council Hall doors and the shadowland. As night finally began to fall, the doors burst open and out marched a force of the undead! A dozen zombies and a score of angry ghosts and, behind them all, the tall figure of the Abyssal emerged from the doors. With a single, powerful stroke, Whispers launched her artifact knife through the air at the unsuspecting Abyssal and struck a mortal blow ...

To be continued ...

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Updated 02-23-2009 at 11:00 AM by GoddessGood

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