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Inside lives a goblin that feeds on indecision.

I have too many thoughts ...

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For a while now I've been claiming I'll start a new game Real Soon Now ... as I have been for years. Partly I'm worried that it will be Orc Lands all over again. (Or the V:tR campaign I joined last year.) Partly I just can't decide on a concept.

At the end of the final CompCharGen article I listed 26 concepts for a next game. The list changed somewhat: "Elysium" is on the backburner, "Where No Man Has Gone Before" has a pilot, and Stars Without Number joined the Games I Want To Run list.

Unfortunately, I've added another idea called the "Shadow-verse", inspired by C. J. Carella's Witchcraft, Buffy, Angel, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, and the Hack/Slash comic. (All released or in development by Eden Studios, so guess which system is most likely?) Minor influences include The Laundry Series (and RPG) and the Shadow Chasers setting from d20 Modern. It's essentially urban horror/fantasy, with hunters, miracle-workers, monsters, slashers, vampires, other walking dead, and witches battling each other without the mundanes catching on. (Add spirits and eldritch horrors to taste.) Nothing too original: Wicce from Witchcraft, Inspired from AFMBE, Slashers from World of Darkness and Hack/Slash, magic from Buffy, and yet another remix of vampires. (E.g., sunlight isn't lethal to vampires, but reports of vampires flying or turning to mist are apocryphal.)

So yeah, another possibility among too many.

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  1. Blond Gamer Girl's Avatar
    Hmmm....don't know if this will help or not but here's a method I use. Forget the system for a moment and write down all your ideas (type actually). Come back the next day(s) after leaving it for a bit and expound on the idea(s) that take your fancy. Come back a few times and do the same but don't force the idea just use the one that again takes your fancy. After a few visits see which one you worked on most and then match it to a system, a system you and your group like.

    MAKE A DECISION AND STICK TO IT - Many people fear making a decision and don't have the fortitude to stick to it if they fear/get criticism. That's some RL management tools.

    Hope that helps.
  2. fmitchell's Avatar
    Thanks for the suggestion. Alas, I can't even settle on a genre. Swords & sorcery? Hard SF? Space Opera? Modern horror/dark fantasy? Rattling through time and space? One day I'm keen on one idea, the next day I'm on (or back) to another.

    One weird idea is John Wick's The Flux. Essentially it's a framework for moving player characters between universes and game systems without losing their previous characters. Of course, that's assuming I can get a game beyond two sessions in the first place.
  3. Blond Gamer Girl's Avatar
    Sounds like Rifts.....
  4. SDJThorin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Blond Gamer Girl
    Sounds like Rifts.....
    I thought the same thing... although any Palladium system is a tough one to start... too many tables and such...

    I had a tendency to use the ideas I got from Rifts and use the CP2020 system to run the game... Now that I've found the Fate 3.0 system, I'm constantly equating ideas to that LOL
  5. Sneaksta's Avatar
    fate system.... Dresden Files RPG with some tweaks?