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My First Blog Post/I Just Played My First Pen and Paper Game Ever

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Hello all, so I have recently joined your forum here, and while I've only had one post, I can already appreciate your community and the tools you give each other to find other players. I decided that while it may not be an exciting topic, I thought it might be interesting to follow myself from the beginning of my pen and paper gaming and maybe document my progression.
I got into Dungeons and Dragons by non other than the popular web comic, Penny Arcade. After I listened to the podcasts they had done of several games, I decided that it sounds worth to give a shot. I went out, bought all the necessary equipment, and began studying my ass off over all the rules. So after this and the gathering of some open minded friends, we finally gathered together last wednesday afternoon and played. Ofcourse, being that I am part of the new generation of short attention spans, the character creation had my players less than enthusiastic. While making their actual character was fun, I could tell their patience was weedling away when they had to sit their and wait their turn.
However, after about 2 hours, myself, and my three counterparts, began the game. I decided to buy Keep on the Shadowfell for us. It looked like a good campaign and a great starter to show everyone how the mechanics of the game took place. While we only had enough time to play through only 2 encounters, they still ended up having a blast. Sure, we had some confusion about the skill and ability modifiers, and I forgot to ask my players what defenses their attacks were against, we ended up having a great time and with plenty more knowledge about the game than we had played before. Until our next game, I'm looking forward to producing the maps for the dungeon itself. Let's just hope this game will be able to stick with us, and get some more hours in next time to play through the campaign.

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  1. jpatterson's Avatar
    That's terrific to hear, and great of you to post this and share your first gaming experience with others! Glad it went well for everyone. Do realize there are a LOT of other games available, plenty of free PDFs to try also, or at least look through, to get an idea if other games or styles (with varying levels of rules complexity) might be more to your groups' liking. The right side of my site here has a lot of resources you might find useful. Join us in the chatroom here sometime too, there's usually good conversation, advice, people to help clarify things, online games, etc. Good luck and happy new year!
  2. Q-man's Avatar
    Glad to hear more people are taking an interest in tabletop gaming. Don't sweat it about the rules, even after years of playing my group still doesn't get them all right.

    Enjoy making the maps, and be sure to add in some tricks and puzzles for your players to work through.
  3. Blond Gamer Girl's Avatar
    Welcome to the world of gaming! Don't sweat the rules! Remember common sense supercedes all other rules.