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GoddessGood: The Ramblings

Exalted 2e: Conversion to a Modern Setting

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Once upon a time, I had this posted up here somewheres. Since I can't find it now and will be picking the project up again shortly I figured I might as well post up what I already have. This is meant to be an alternate setting for use with the Exalted 2e core rules. White Wolf has done similar things recently, creating a boxed set detailing the golden age before the time the game is currently set in.

The Story
You know the flood story, I assume? Noah and the boat, animals two by two and all that? It's true. In the first and second age, the world was flat. Outside of the world was the Wyld, above it was Heaven and below it was the Underworld. In the chaos and destruction and great calamity that followed on the heels of the Scarlet Empress' disappearance, the return of the solars, the rise of the deathlords, etc., etc., and so forth the conflict was so great that the greatest of the gods had to step forth and do something about it. The Unconquered Sun, Luna, the Five Maidens, Gaia. Gaia was called upon to swallow the Underworld and lock away the realm of her dead brethren. She did so, locking the underworld within her being and twisting to contain it. In the cataclism the shift caused, the great elemental powers at the corners of creation were torn loose and the armies of the Wyld came rushing in. The entire world was engulfed in an elemental torrent.

Foreseeing this, one lone Sidereal and a small contingent of humans gathered together what they could of the world. Animals, two by two. They locked themselves in a massive mountain Manse, protected by the most powerful of magics in Creation. The Unconquered Sun, Luna, and the Maidens forced the wyld back beyond the heavens, breaking apart the heavenly isle of Yu-Shan with their efforts. Each took up a station, standing guard over the remains of what they had once ruled. To protect themselves, they followed Gaia's example and made themselves into what mortals now call planets. The remains of Yu-Shan now orbit between what is left of Mars and Jupiter. The Wyld is what's past the solar system, past the range of the solar winds. Voyager 1 and 2 passed this barrier not long ago. They have not been heard from since. Pluto and its moon are occasionally in the bordermarches. During meteor showers and other astronomical events, wyld effects can occur randomly.

When the flood of the elements had subsided, forty days and forty nights later, the Sidereal discovered that a Lunar had hidden among the animals they rescued. Prince of Doves was sent out to see if it was safe to leave their mountain fortress. When he returned, he carried the branch of an olive tree as proof that the waters had gone down. They left the mountain and called it Ararat, the place of new beginnings.

The man, Jesus, was a Lunar and the Tribe of Israel is his Thousand Streams River experiment. He was the same Lunar that was with them in the beginning. He occasionally sired half-caste children that lived remarkably long lives and were heros of the tribe. He would take their shapes temporarily through and deliver prophecies to nudge the society along. About 2000 years ago the Lunar was getting towards the end of his natural life and wanted to leave the most powerful message he could with his tribe. And so he became a martyr for them. Unfortunately, his message was misinterpreted and Christianity was born. His Essence hasn't reincarnated because Luna has been lying dormant all these millenia.

His return has been prophesied as the coming of The Antichrist, and he will bear the mark of the beast.

The Sidereal though, before he locked himself away, stole peaches of immortality and celestial wine and has been keeping himself alive this whole time. So what has this Sidereal been doing? Well, seeing as how he's now around 5,500 years old he's had a lot of time on his hands to figure out exactly what happened when the excrement impacted the rotating mechanism. With the time he's had he managed to find a way to pull down exalted soul shards which have, for lack of a god to assign them a body, been sort of floating around. The last Primordial, Gaia, is slowly dying as Autocthon had done before her; her ambient essence has reduced to a trickle and her natural resources are in danger of being consumed. The return of essence users may slowly start to change things and reawaken her.

Run Rules
There is no starmetal that was not around before the Flood. Asteroids, meteorites and the like are now called starstuff and are all touched by the Wyld.

All static values now round down, regardless.

Add 1 WP to the cost of all charms at Essence 3+ that do not currently have that listed in the activation cost. Add a cost to the activation of Knacks or Charms that list a shapeshifting description in their text. The cost is (the minimum Attribute requirement of the Knack/Charm - the PC's [Stamina]) to a minimum of 1 in dice of unsoakable bashing damage. Shifting to true forms (Spirit shape, true human form and war form), shifting to another human shape of the same gender, and making cosmetic changes to forms (as with Changing Plumage Mastery) does not carry a minimum damage (and the damage can thus be reduced to 0).

Essence replenishes at the rate of 4 motes per hour when meditating or sleeping and 2 motes per hour when active. For Lunars, increase the rate to 6 motes per hour if meditating or sleeping in a true form or 4 motes if active in a true form in a wilderness area.

All Lunars are Casteless. Lunars now only roll to gain mutations if they shapeshift in the presence of starstuff, moonsilver, or other material or energies inherently in tune with the Wyld. The roll is made as normal and the mutation pool accumulates and fades as normal. The Taboo Background may affect this as normal.

Essence pools are now calculated:
Personal pool: Essence + Willpower + Highest Virtue
Solar Peripheral pool: Essence x 6 + Willpower x 2 + Highest Virtue
Lunar Peripheral pool: Ess x 4 + Willpower x 2 + Highest Virtue x 2

Character Creation
These are alterations of the original 2e character generation rules in order to bring down the power levels and reflect the changes to the setting. If something isn't listed, it is assumed that you should use the information from the Exalted: Second Edition core book. Thus far I've only come up with Solar and Lunar character creation rules. Merits and Flaws are contained in the 1st edition Players Handbook, and would need to be converted to 2nd edition and approved by the GM.

Attributes: 7/5/3
Abilities: 22, at least 10 must be caste or favored, none higher than 3 without bp
Virtues: 5, none higher than 3 without bp
Backgrounds: 7, none higher than 3 without bp
Willpower: Highest + lowest Virtue, cannot be higher than 7 at starting
Charms: 10, at least 5 must be from caste or favored
Essence: 2, may not be higher than 3 at starting.
Bonus points: 15
Merits and Flaws: max of 10 points each, must be approved.

Ability Rules
Sorcery and Necromancy are not currently available. Thaumaturgy is still available.

Solars may have three Favored Abilities, Lunars may have two (including Survival).

There is now a Craft: Metal sub-Ability which covers modern technological devices and design principles.

The Sail Ability is now called Drive and is used for piloting craft that can transport more than two people.

Ride is used to ride animals and to pilot smaller craft.

Archery is used to fire projectiles that do not rely on the strength of the user to determine damage. This includes guns, bows, ballistae and crossbows.

The Bureaucracy Ability is now called Politics.

Background Rules
There are no known manses except the mountain manse humanity was rescued in. There are demesnes but none higher than level 3.

You may not start with Artifacts that are not given to you without special permission.

This is the new list of backgrounds
Allies - As in Exalted 2e
Backing - Borrowed from Vampire: the Masquerade (revised edition)
* Your character is a lower officer or minor functionary
** Your character is a mid-level officer, the head of a small department or some similarly intermediate position.
*** Your character is moderately powerful and has many people working under her
**** Your character is extremely powerful and typically is only one or two rungs down from the people in charge of her organization.
***** Your character is one of the leaders of her organization, a general or admiral, a CEO, a cardinal or bishop, etc.
Contacts - As in Exalted 2e
Cult - As in Exalted 2e
Familiar - As in Exalted 2e
Followers - As in Exalted 2e
Heart's Blood - As in Exalted: the Lunars 2e
Mentor - As in Exalted 2e
Reputation - As in Exalted: the Dragon Blooded 2e
Resources - Borrowed from Vampire: the Masquerade (revised edition)
* Small savings: a small apartment and maybe a motorcycle. If liquidated, you would have about $1,000 in cash. Allowance of $500 a month
** Middle class: an apartment or condominium. If liquidated, you would have at least $8,000 in cash. Allowance of $1200 a month
*** Large savings: a homeowner or someone with some equity. If liquidated, you would have at least $50,000 in cash. Allowance of $3000 a month
**** Well-off: a member of the upper class. You own a very large house, or perhaps a dilapidated mansion. If liquidated, you would have at least $500,000 in cash. Allowance of $9000 a month
***** Ridiculously affluent: a multimillionaire. Your home is limited by little save your imagination. If liquidated, your would have at least $5 million in cash. Allowance of $30,000 a month
Retainers - As in Exalted 2e
+Solar Bond - As in Exalted: the Lunars 2e
Taboo - As in Exalted: the Lunars 2e

+Solar Bond will only be available if you and another player decide to have that connection between your characters. If the group should figure out how to bring back more solars, you have about a 1 in 200 to 300 shot of it being your Solar mate.

All unlisted Backgrounds are disallowed

Bonus Point Costs
Attribute - 4 bp per dot
Ability - 2 bp or 1 bp per dot for favored
Charm - 7 bp or 5 bp per dot for favored
Background - 1 bp or 2 bp per dot above 3
Virtue - 3 bp per dot
Willpower - 2 bp per dot
Specialty - 1 bp per dot
Intimacies - 3 bp to increase starting Intimacies to WP + Compassion
Essence - 9 bp
For Lunars:
Charm - 9 bp or 6 bp for favored
Knack - 7 bp
Essence - 12

Experience Point Costs
New Ability - 3 xp
Charm - 12 xp or 10 xp for favored
Attribute - current rating x 4
Ability - current rating x 2 (-1 if favored)
Virtue - current rating x 3
Willpower - current rating x 2
Essence - current rating x 9
Specialty - 3 xp
For Lunars:
Charm - 14 xp or 12 xp for favored
Knack - 13 xp
Attribute - current rating x 4 or x 3 if favored
Essence - current rating x 10

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