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The horror of Yukon

TOEE: earth elemental temple

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Today I am going to take you through the temple, from the entrance to the main stage. By the time the heroes finish off the main stage, they should level up.

Main thing to note, no troglodytes. They were too high level, and seemed like a pain to adjust so many. Instead, I have picked Duergar and Myconids to replace them. Myconids are a good fit for earth, and duergar ain't too bad in my opinion.

Also, I did SOME fiddling with respect to switching abilities and such, but will note where/when I do that.

Finally, like before, I have combined baddies from multiple rooms into one encounter where noted. They may be in one room, or multiple rooms, but bring them together to fight the heroes.

also, will do in order of the map, not numerically.

rooms 226-231: spread throughout these rooms are
4x myconid gas spores (lvl 4 minion skirmishers)
a mudlasher (level 4 brute) [as an elemental substitute, can make less muddy more earthy]
duergar guard (lvl 4 soldier) [replaces one of the clerics] [miikolak]
duergar shock trooper (level 6 brute) with grizzled veteran template (skirmisher template) [this is the swordmaster]

With respect to the swordmaster and the elemental blades in general I did them differently.

First, I took into account my players. I picked weapons they would/could use. I was planning on giving him a magic maul that had some sort of knock prone ability/crit feature thingy and call it the earth hammer.

In addition, my other players used a dagger (rogue), a battleaxe (barbarian), and a greatsword (paladin). I was going to make the battleaxe the frostrager (water temple), the greatsword storm related (air temple), and the dagger flame related (fire temple). But like I said, keep in mind the players. If you have a player with a pick (not a hammer), make it the earth pick.


Basically, I was going to have the guard hanging with the mudlasher, and the shock trooper controlling the spores. Also have the guard keep striker types close to him while the mudlasher uses ranged attacks as long as possible. Use the shock trooper to take out the squishy guys quick, and have the spores attack whoever, but keep wide spread.

Finally, I attuned the duergars and the mudlashers to the spores, so they are treated as plant creatures for the sake of healing when a spore dies.

Also, moved the trap to 233/234.

233-234 I moved any "inhabitants" to other places. Currently these rooms are empty aside from treasure and a booby trap (elite level 4 lurker) which guards said treasure.

instead of a lone manticore, I treated this as sort of an akheg nest.
Ankhegx2 (lvl 3 elite lurker) [male and female]
ankheg broodlingx3 (lvl 1 minion brute)

kobold wild mage (lvl 5 controller) [snearak] I put snearak in the chamber (even though not normally there.

The ankhegs are terribly territorial. They only let snearak near them and their brood. If the PC's come anywhere near, they'll attack thinking the PC's are after their young. They'll both start by using their acid spray and then grab the biggest baddest guys. If snearak hears the ankhegs being restless, he'll join in. He does his best to stay out of the ankheg's way and will shoot any target not directly engaged with them.

221 These are "POSSIBLE" places for the earth mephling, but there is only one earth mephling. If he sees someone, he immediately informs Uskathoth

I modified the duergar scout (level 4 lurker) to act as the earth mephling:
delete infernal quills
delete resistance to poison and fire
change type to elemental humanoid (earth)
add a fly speed of 5 (clumsy)
add earth shock (minor; encounter) close burst 2 targets enemies +6 vs. Fortitude; the target is knocked prone
add stone roots: when an effect pulls pushes or slides the mephling, the mephling moves 1 sqr less than the effect specifies. In addition, a stone mephling cannot be knocked prone. This is only when touching earth.

222 pets I replaced with swarms. Swarms are fun.

umbral sprite swarm (level 4 controller) [treat as bats and make intelligence animal intelligence]
corpse rat swarm (level 4 soldier) [treat as normal rats]
viper swarm (lesser) (level 4 skirmisher)

another overhaul. I wanted a good solider leader, but no duergar fits that. So I took the
kenku ringleader (level 4 leader soldier) [uskathoth]
and did the following:
add infernal quills (as detailed at the end of MM2)
make evil
remove mimicry and flock effect
change flock reaction to swarm reaction and it targets swarms

also no trap, but there is treasure.

Uskathoth protects his swarms by marking people. The swarms are as far spread as possible to minimize the effect of close/area attacks.

the mephling uses underdark sneak and shadow attack continually to vanish in and out of sight to pick out the weaker PC's.

218-220 All the baddies are in 220
made this the big encounter, but instead of something high level, went for high numbers

myconid sovereign (level 4 controller leader)
myconid rotpriest (level 3 brute leader)
myconid guard x3 (level 4 soldier)
myconid rotslammer (level 5 brute)
xorn lvl-5 (level 9-5 skirmisher):
+9 vs. AC on attacks. -2 damage. AC:18, F:20, R: 15, W: 16 60 hp

The myconids stay within 5 squares of at least one other myconid and constantly share damage. Use the tactics listed in the MM2 and underdark for this battle.

there are prisoners in 219, but didn't stat them out. But the guards of 218 are the 3 myconid guards are in 220 not 218

Alright. Hope everyone had/has a nice holiday. This is the furthest I got when planning for my players. So the next entry will take a while.

But for next time, the northern bridge complex

the sovereign and the rotpriest are unnamed clerics (but go ahead and give them a name/place to sleep).

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  1. gCrusher's Avatar
    Thank you very much for your hard work. Going to start my players through ToEE tonight. Your choices for encounters are awesome, but I've increased the difficulty a little, due to my players being very good at tactics and teamwork without min/maxing their characters. They just know their role very well and tend to roll decently. It's frightening being their DM sometimes.
  2. yukonhorror's Avatar
    These are pretty difficult encounters mind you. BUT, if you want to beef them up, my best suggestion is three fold. Either add extra guys (of what is there) OR convert minions to henchmen (if there are minions) OR up the level of SOLO monsters. And in case you missed it, this is the latest post. Starting at the moathouse is a good place to throw them into the mix.

    But good luck.