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The horror of Yukon

Black Pyramid of the ancient cloakers REMAKE (D&D 4e lvl 18-19): floor 2

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here is floor 2. Now I didn't include WHAT an ancient cloaker is technically. The Ancient Cloaker is an adapted version of the Cloaker.

For fear of copyright infringement, I won't include any details on AnC's or the Chief cloaker. What I was thinking was modify certain creatures to be LIKE cloakers. Basically switch and swap abilities. The following are the creatures I was thinking of using as a base (add in cloaker abilities like shadow shift and engulf):

Herald of hadar, maw of acamar, scion of gibbeth, umber ravager, abyssal hlk, astral hulk, spell howler of vecna, secret of vecna, terrifying haunt (not undead though) template, destrachan far voice, mindflayer (any except elder brain), umber hulk, shadow hulk, and the cloakers of MM3. In addition, give the following powers to some of them:

Psychic scream (from DMG2), starburst (fire and radiant dam, but otherwise spike volley of manticore from MM), void gaze of nightwalker (psychic dam not necrotic and it is a moan not a gaze).

Either mind flayer mastermind or shadow hulk would be good chief cloakers.

Adjustment of level may be of use too (or absolutely necessary). Really this could take place at any paragon tier level, but this seemed to be the best fit. This goes for ALL encounters, not just ancient cloakers.

SO here we go:

2 Floor 2

10) Teleport room.
This room is the same as room 9, but the person entering this room will be teleported to room 8.

11) Study.
This room contains a table (circa 2 1/2' high, 1 1/2'*2 1/2'). On the table there are two green candles. Both candles are fixed onto the table by molten tallow. What remains of the candles is barely enough to burn for another hour. On the table a piece of paper can be found. Besides the paper is an open pot of ink with a feather. The walls are covered with mirrors (evenly spaced, 4 on each wall).

In the east wall a small door (1'*1', (a)) can be seen.

The note bares the following text: " Day 3307. Although all my notes are being destroyed, I still keep writing to chase away the insanity. I hope an Ancient Cloaker will read this". When someone reads the text to this point a trap is triggered. Nerras (MM3) ooze out of the mirrors on the wall and the ceiling and attack. Varoot Nerra, kalareem nerra, sillit nerra, delphar nerra and a teltarym Nerra.

Beneath the table, the most important object of this room can be found. This object is an invisible chest, containing another treasure parcel. The chest is protected by a field of everflame. Every attempt to open the lock without discovering the dart will result in setting off the trap.

12) Empty room.
This room is indeed empty. As soon as one of the doors is opened a spell will be activated. After 1d4+2 rounds the floor of the room will act as the electrified floor trap (level up to 18).

13) Pool room.
This room is dominated by a frozen pool. In the center is a statue of a horrific creature, but in its forehead lies a gem (treasure parcel). Also in this room is an elder cobalt dragon. The ice is difficult terrain. If move more than 2 squares, make an acrobatic check to avoid falling prone. Also, all forced movement is increased by one on the ice. As soon as the dragon dies, the water melts in 3 rounds. The pool has a depth of 10'.

14) Dark room.
Contrary to the rest of the pyramid this room isn't dark by the absence of light, but this darkness is caused by a 'Darkness' effect. All creatures are considered to have total concealment (ancient cloakers are immune to this effect). The first group of ancient cloakers can be found in this room. This Ancient Cloakers will attack the first person entering the room.


15) Door. [unaltered except the doomspores]
At the height of 6' there are two holes in the door (as with almost all other doors). The door will open just as all the other doors (by looking through the holes). Before the door will open however, two riddles have to be solved. Some riddles are already printed below (for the lazy DM or if you just think these are great riddles):

- "I can't be killed because I don't live
and when I kill you, you won't die
please tell me, who am I ?"
Answer: an undead. You can also count any specific type of
undead as a good answer.

- "With every tear I drop
my life grows shorter
Tell me what I am
and you may pass."
Answer: Candle (every drop of tallow is a piece of the
I believe I have read this one (or a similar one) in a
magazine before.

- "Seven times three eyes that don't see a thing
maybe you know what I am?"
Answer: A (six-sided) die.

- "I don't distinguish between races or classes"
Answer: Death.

- "I come from beneath your feet
bringing you light and heat."
Answer: Oil.

When a wrong answer is called out, a door will come down at place 16. The amount of air contained in the remaining room is enough for ten hours for one person, five hours for two persons etc. Every incorrect answer following the first one results in spraying of a powder (doomspores).

17) Teleport room.
This teleport room is just like all the others, only this one teleports to the third floor (room 21).

18) Rust monster paradise.
This room is strew with numbers of old clothings, made of ordinary cloth or leather. Besides that dozens of pieces of wood, mostly handles of weapons can be seen. As soon as the door opens the rust monster nightmare (lower the level according to DMG), that was resting beneath the pile of rubbish, becomes active. This monster will try to hit metal weapons or armor with its tentacles. Metal that is hit will start to rust very quick. Between the rubbish there is also a latch, made of the same material as the rest of the pyramid. This latch is essential to open the door of room 33.

19) Torture Chamber.
An assortment of torture devices exist. At this moment, the prison is empty. With a proper perception, the players will notice one of the columns doesn't completely touch the ground, initiating a skill challenge to find the secret door (which leads to room 20).

SKILL CHALLENGE (difficulty 2):
6 success before 3 failures
find secret door, and discover how to activate it
either don't find door, or break mechanism to open door

So a perception check in this room to search reveals something funny about the column. This counts as a success and initiates the skill challenge.

(if multiple players make multiple checks, the first success initiates the skill challenge. If 3 players fail their perception rolls, the skill challenge is failed and the players do not uncover secret door)

The initial perception check opens up the use of dungeoneering, history, religion, & perception

success on dungeoneering:
they notice the column is not a load bearing column (counts as a success), opens up thievery and insight as a skill

Failure on dungeoneering:
counts as one failure, but nothing else

success on history or religion:
the players are aware of the extensive use of secret doors and booby traps within the cult of elemental evil (+2 to next roll, but doesn't count as success) can not use history or religion again

failure on history or religion:
no relevant knowledge, and doesn't count as failure

Second succesful perception check
Notice the column doesn't touch the ground and feel a breeze coming from underneath
counts as success and opens up insight and thievery if not already opened up

Second perception check (failure)
counts as failure and still don't know what is funny about the column

insight success
secret doors usually lead to something important (no plusses or successes, mainly for RP purposes)

insight failure
doesn't count as failure

2nd dungeoneering success
players realize secret doors like this usually have some sort of trigger mechanism to open them up (+2 to next roll, but doesn't count as success and can no longer use dungeoneering as a skill).

2nd dungeoneering (failure)
if the players know there is a door at this point, nothing. If they don't, counts a failure.

third perception check (success)
counts as success, but can no longer be used for further successes. The chains to the rack (the torture rack) go into the wall, which seems odd.

thievery success
counts as one success. Players realize the opening mechanism is the rack. Activates the rack turner so the door can be open. Opens up strength as a new skill

thievery failure
counts as failure. The players fiddle with something hindering the mechanism. (-2 to next roll).

further thievery successes
don't count as successes, but figures out a spike in the iron maiden closes the secret door.

further thievery failures
same as above
Strength success
the player successfully cranks the rack. counts as one success

strength failure
player messes up the crank. Counts as failure.

If you don't have players who are trained in theivery, you could replace it with dungeoneering but at a much higher DC (at least DC+2).

If the players fail before realizing it is a secret door and fail challenge, can come back another day to look again. If players realize it is a door and fail challenge, they have broken the mechanism and cannot reinitiate the skill challenge until it is fixed (thievery)

Finally, I am of the mentality if the use of a skill is creative enough (using athletics to scale the wall and ...) then I say give it to them.

20) Five door vault (my own creation)
There are five normal doors each labeled with a roman numeral.

Upon opening a door, it looks like a plain closet with a chest in the far right corner. Once one person enters, the door automatically closes. Each room has four doors on each of its four walls. In the chest is nothing but a handle except for the specially marked rooms. Pulling on the handle opens a trap door that leads to the outside of the five doors (a failsafe I give up option).

If the players attempt to enter the trap door, they will emerge out of the opposite trap door.

On the inside of the lid of each chest is a phrase.

I shaLL Run Back and FoRth tiLL i am FaLLing, then i wiLL Face the ReveRse Fan i hated as a Big Boy.

This is the key to the maze. Starting with door number I, the player should take the door corresponding the letter. L meaning left, R meaning right, F meaning forward, B meaning backward. This will take him to the rooms with the treasure and finally take him back to the hallway.

Entering a room transports you to the grid location indicated in each block.

Example. Walking into door III (grid space 1,3) actually puts you into grid space 5,2. If you then went into the right door, you would transport to room 4,5.

The first number is horizontal, and the second is vertical. Here is the grid:
1 2 3 4 5
5 |3,3|1,3|1,4|4,4|1,2|
4 |1,1|3,5|3,4|5,3|5,1|
3 |4,3|4,2|4,1|5,4|2,5|
2 |2,3|2,1|1,5|4,5|2,4|
1 |5,5|3,2|5,2|2,2|3,1|

Following the solution takes you to 2,1 then out. Put a treasure parcel anywhere along the path.

Going forward while in row 5 steps you into row 1. Going left while in column 1 (or right while in column 5) takes you to column 5 (or column 1, respectively).

Going back in row 1 brings you back to the entrance with the 5 doors.
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