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more new players

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This week I have had contact with two more gamers who wish to join the game. If these two actually join those who have played last time we would have five players. Five is a good number to play and I would be totally happy with this. My problem is I can't contact David except via Facebook. He is not exactly into FB so I have not had any contact with him since the last game. He was punctual and an excellent role player. After the game he even went home and posted how excited he was about the game, then nothing...

The other problem I see is Rick. As great of a role player as he is, he shows up an hour or two late every time and then has to leave two or three hours early. I have been thinking of asking him to turn off his phone so his wife can't tell him to come home right away, but I think that is wrong on my part, maybe more than on his part.

On top of this, he wants to game on the first and third Saturday because of another game he tries to play in. They have the same problem with him.

One of the guys who plays in this group has wanted to run a game and has asked me to join. But, he has to run it on the first and third Saturday. lol

One of the guys who has asked to join has to work on the third Saturday sometimes. Yeah, this third Saturday is a key problem for me. lol If I changed my game to the second and fourth Saturday I could keep everyone but Rick. But Rick only shows up for an hour or two in the middle of the game. He is more of a distraction than anything, even with his very good RP. Plus he is such a long time friend.

As you can tell, if my writing is not totally confusing you, I have a dilemma. I do change the Saturdays we play for a guy who wants to play and tell my friend sorry, or, do I tell a guy who wants to play, but is untested, to find another game?

Maybe a bit more time must past and the problem might fix itself, or not. Maybe I need to have a talk with an old friend.

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