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The horror of Yukon

FF HERO: cast of characters (final version hopefully)

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I think we finally have enough players to ACTUALLY have a game. Yeah. Here they are folks:

An Al-Bhed Engineer from Cosmo canyon where a dragon saved them from a horrible attack from the Gi tribe. Went into the world to find the dragon, and joined shinra to have access to their resources. He was part of the team who designed the first mako reactors. When he found out what Mako REALLY was, he was shamed and quit. He joins avalanche with an intimate knowledge of mako reactors to shut them down permanently.

A human swordmaster who was part of a traveling circus. A bit of a womanizer, he is always a bit of a charmer. After seeing how shinra has affected the people of the world in general and after meeting with people of avalanche after a show in Sector 7, he decides it is time to make a difference and join there cause. It is also a good opportunity to get in good with the leader's busty bar tending daughter.

A ronso from the glacial tribe in bone village was exiled from his tribe. He was set up to be the successor to the current chief, but the chief was murdered by his rival and framed him for the crime. Unable to prove his innocence, he flees the village. He eventually ends up in midgar where an old man takes pity on him and provides him shelter and a job as a bouncer for a bar. Eventually they grow very close (substitute father figure), and the ronso tells the old man what happened at his village. Hearing what has happened and seeing what an effective dragoon he is, he brings him into the fold. The old man is the brains behind the terrorist group Avalanche. He puts the ronso to good use in his attempts to bring down the mako reactors around town.

We have a fourth, but he hasn't decided on his background yet. I am really hoping for some fun adventures.

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Updated 12-15-2010 at 11:26 AM by yukonhorror

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