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I Ran a Savage Worlds Hellfrost Tabletop Game

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It took four hours from character creation to end of adventure, including stopping to eat home cooking at my friend's house, for he and his stepson and nephew, and everyone thought it was awesome and pretty simple - everyone liked it, and maybe it was the simple adventure I picked, but it was easy to run as well.

The different dice types all get used a lot and can be a bit confusing at first, and always using a "Wild Die" for all your rolls except damage also confused people a few times, but overall, it has a lot of options and depth, but is still simple enough there aren't a whole lot of complications unless you go looking for specific complexities for specific needs, and then you can use them if you need to, but they aren't required, which is something I like about the system.

Although I had them make Hellfrost characters, I ran a generic adventure to get used to the game, and it went just fine, except I hadn't printed out all the spells for my friend's Druid so I had to wing his Shapechange, Entangle and Summon Wood Elemental spells, but it turns out I was pretty close, so I'm pretty proud of my improv there.

I DID flub fairly badly on the actual combat with the damage Soak and Spirit rolls for recovering from Shaken and Wound results. When you take damage, you're Shaken, period, end of story - you don't get an immediate roll to resist it - you get to make a Spirit roll at the beginning of your turn to slough that off, or you can pay a Benny (like a Fortune Point) to instantly remove it. When you take damage (a Wound), if the damage actually exceeded your Toughness and armor, you don't get any sort of defense roll unless you spend a Benny - you're Wounded, period, end of story, and if the enemy gets Raises (every 4 pips over the Target Number, in this case, your Parry), he inflicts more Wounds, to a max of 4, when you become Incapacitated. I allowed my players to Soak and Recover immediately for no cost, which explains why nobody took any damage.

Unfortunately for anyone playing in my chat game when I run it, I now have probably made my worst initial player-benefitting mistakes there, and won't make them again, so while the game is simple and geared toward higher cinematics, it is still an RPG and failure is possible - BUT, my players rolled a LOT of Aces, the max you can roll on a die, and got to roll again and add the new roll to the previous one; that got them a LOT of successes on a lot of things. My friend never did botch his spellcasting rolls which would have resulted in a roll on the magical disaster table. I look forward to seeing how that looks in action!

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  1. deaconabyss's Avatar
    Glad your enjoying it. SW is a somewhat overlooked system. I consider it simple yet just as rich. In my opinion fun, fast, and furious. We are in a Deadlands campaign ATM an it is great. Rules are easier than programming a modern appliance and faster. For all those who have not tried the game "do not fear the use of dies for stat and skill rolls" it works out quite well.
  2. Machine Gott's Avatar
    Nice post, Savage Worlds Rules!