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Johnny Rook

1e/OSRIC game

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Tonight, around 8pm central, I'll be running an OSRIC/1e game online. For those not in the know, OSRIC stands for Old School Reference and Index Compilation. It's intent is to provide a basis for AD&D 1e games so that enterprising individuals can write, share, and sell AD&D games and products. Well, I'm one of those individuals, and I'm doing some demo/playtesting tonight for Johnny Rook Games (

Come visit the irc network Darkmyst ( or through their webpage on the channel #WestgateAdventures_OOC.

Don't let the old games die! If you can't play tonight, please send me a message anyway and we can talk about when people are available! The more, the merrier!

Johnny Rook Games

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  1. Otakar's Avatar
    Great concept. I like the 1E stuff. Keep posting on the blog, please!