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Blond Gamer Girl

Floorplans HELP

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While I can get home and business floor plans and tons of maps for travel and just add some stuff to make it an SR4 genre, I completely stink at drawing and thought maybe some folks here may know of a resource for me at a free or nominal price.

I want to make a complicated B&E for a small museum. I would like realistic floor plans and maybe even some security measures. This is a futuristic setting but a modern museum (preferred) would do. Some of the plans I've found in supplements are rather simplistic. I'm looking for complexity and willing to add layers of security with my handy tracing paper. My players are pretty sophisticated and are craving an Ocean's 11 sort of thing. They really like taking a few hours to plan and not just leave it to dice rolls.

Anyhow, any ideas anyone? This is driving me nuts.

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  1. Angelus_Nox's Avatar
    Have you considered looking for floorplans in walkthroughs for video games? Deus Ex, Metal Gear Solid, Alpha Protocol (any Spy-/ Sneak-/ Subversion-kind of game should do) all should fulfill your needs to at least some extent.
  2. micalus's Avatar
    have you tried google images for the floorplans? I've gotten some off of there.
    I also used DIA until recently to make some up. I happened on an old copy of Visio which is marginally better for floorplans.
    You can also find floorplans for lots of places online or use buildings that could be dual purpose. Like a college hall in place of a museum.