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Blond Gamer Girl

Amusing Anecdotes from the Round Table

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Since humor is important in our daily lives and most everyone on this forum probably has a funny experience they would like to share about a game they are playing or GM’ing in, I thought I would start this blog about humorous things that have happened. My goal is to put one a week to brighten everyone’s day. Please feel free to comment if you enjoy it or with your own comedic relief.

A friend of mine GM’s a very entertaining Traveller game. During one of the sessions, he starts of by telling us about his random name generator that he is very excited about. We encounter a not-so important NPC so he breaks out the name list. We all wait with baited breath for…..drum roll…..”James Taylor.” Unanimously, we exclaim, “WTH, all that for James Taylor!” After a good laugh, the session moved forward much to the enjoyment of everyone.

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  1. SDJThorin's Avatar
    On naming...

    We used to game with this one guy who loved playing Elves and would make their names almost a sentence long and hard as heck to say... I kid you not, one of the name's wrapped into 2 full lines... Typed!

    One day, the GM insisted that he say the entire name -- every time he referred to the PC. Even he couldn't pronounce it.

    We wound up calling him something like "WannaSlurpee" (it was as close as we could get to the first bit of the name) much to the annoyance of the poor player.

    After that, we made a house rule -- if you can't pronounce your own PC's name then it had to be changed.