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Meet the cast!

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Sarah of Samerville is a young, bushy-eyebrowed, human disciple of Heironeous. Her parents sent her away from home when raiders took interest in her home village. Her parents told her that Heironeous would bring justice to her family and the raiders, but to ensure it, she devoted herself to that temple. Sarah detests violence, using spells and negotiation to prevent it whenever possible. Her heavy mace comes off her belt only when she's cornered. Cleric 1.

Rex Nottington comes from a long line of proud hill dwarf bodyguards. While the explanation of how his clan came to live in human country has been lost to time, the current status of Clan Nottington is clear: find new work, since its patron is scattered and the weapons industry isn't what it used to be. Rex has a tendency to defend the weak (it runs in his blood), and he's always plotting ways to gain advantages. While he recognizes long hair as a liability, he still grows his moustache long and uses it to secure his helm. Fighter 1.

Skyler the Blessed is an evangelical priest of Heironeous. He earned his title by performing magic given by his god, but the magic is actually wizardry. Skyler considers it best to make his magic seem divine, since many humans are already untrusting of halflings like himself. The eldest of the missionaries at 35, he's a pessimist who was looking for success through the temple before he was cast away on the mission to convert the giants. Diviner (wizard) 1.

James "Pokey" Samuel's son is a grey elf who loves lore. He is called Pokey because he's always poking his long nose into a book, or his attention where it doesn't belong. The temple of Heironeous wants to assemble an official account of history since it was lost to the War, and Pokey is happy to sell his services as an on-the-scene researcher. Rogue 1.

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