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Blond Gamer Girl

Chemistry....Rewarding unto itself

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I LOVE IT WHEN A GROUP COMES TOGETHER! I have a group that role plays and meshes so well together that it warmed my little black GM heart. They were joking with each other in character and completely had the team work angle going for the entire game. For about a half hour or more, I pulled several individuals out to give each magic user their vision quest and/or magical group’s assignment. During that entire time, the rest of the group stayed in character and role played. As each one got their quest, they discussed it with the other players. The non magical players got involved and wanted to figure what all the clues meant. [THAT IS SO REWARDING AS A GM TO KNOW THAT YOUR PLOTS HAVE INTRIGUED THEM THAT MUCH!]

BTW – The last mission wasn’t even a paying gig but something to get the magic users some powerful magic contacts and everyone agreed to it. Prior to that the group got a hold of a stash of weapons (no magic stuff in it) and the magic users who are in the majority suggested the others take all that they wanted to keep and then they could sell the rest of it and split it between the entire group.


Anyone have any chemistry tales to tell? Love to hear them.

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  1. skage's Avatar
    For the current group I'm running for, it was a rough start. They had never played outside of your very traditional D&D game, and each filled in your basic bad gamer stereotype.

    With a little bit of work and cooperation, they seemed to have pulled it together and really bring this game to life. My favorite moment being where a player pulled me aside, and told me that he was going to steal an artifact that another player had hidden just as an extra step that any evil npc would have to go through.

    I was cool with this, but he had to narrate it. (As the player had hidden it on themselves, he was going to set up a trap for them, and knock them unconscious) He gave me a very shocked look at first, but he ran with it.

    I think I can fairly say that it turned into one of the best sessions of the campaign so far. Also, it makes me a little happy inside when it comes time for game to end and my players refuse to let me end the game for the next thirty minutes.