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Evil Nosferatu

Charlotte, NC needs a gaming jumpstart it seems.

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Iím either doing things horribly wrong or Charlotte is simply a place of the gaming void. Iíve tried to join up with some groups in the D&D community that play the Living Forgotten Realms modules, but the problem I find here is that I might as well be doing war gaming. There is some role-play but youíre pretty much an ass if your character has a problem with another personís character and wonít let the module commence. You suffer PCitis horribly and thereby simply allow PCs into the party because they ARE PCsÖ I hate meta-gaming. So I cannot play with that group anymore without going insane.

Other groups are similar or are locating themselves in the ONLY game store in Charlotte that has space or doesnít seem extremely pretentious, the main problem being is that itís in the middle of bum-f*ck nowhere. So I canít really get my fix there.

Finding folks of like-mindedness to play has been irritating. Iíve tried message boards and online gamer groups who end up exchanging outside contact information with me which pretty much leads up to the letdown of no one answering the phone, etc.

Iím at my wits end. Do you folks here in Charlotte not like new blood? Do you absolutely HATE pursuing your own hobbies? I just donít get itÖ.

Well, I canít give up as I would go completely bonkers, so hereís to another shot! *bang*

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  1. Blond Gamer Girl's Avatar
    Well, I'm not in Charlotte and I've had ups and downs myself. Here's some advice that's worked for me. This is not attacking you but this has been what I have seen in the past.

    1. Be realistic in your dates/times and such.
    2. Be honest about your style and ask the GM's direct questions about their style - if not a match move on. I've turned down pure combat players who really, really want to play bc I'm not about the combat and won't waste my time; likewise as a player.
    3. Be extremely proactive in your search - there are a lot of places online.
    4. Be flexible about the system. If you want low tech, fantasy, different races (orcs, trolls, elves....), magic and whatnots, play that game regardless of the system. Pathfinder and D&D are very similar. Don't be married to one system.
    5. Expand your area. Maybe this is Atlanta only but I've seen folks who don't want to drive more than ten minutes. I'm from FL so to me driving fast in non-rush hour traffic with my tunes blasting is fine by me - 30 miles, 30 minutes, 2 gallons of gas if even, $5 - no biggie - Most hobbies cost WAY more than that.

    6. Overall, be a little flexible about the various aspects. I've seen too many folks who want the game no more than 5 miles from their house, want the one (obscure at times) system, only meeting from 1:15 to 4:30 precisely every third Saturday............blah blah blah....

    Hope that helps. Again, not saying this is you but I've seen it often enough....