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Independant Gamer Perspective

The Sickness of Braddon Bog (my newest play scenario)

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At last the civil war in the Lowlands of Bar-Innis is over. The carnage has been immense. OF little strategic importance, the North-West lands of the swamp bordered Lowlands were the seen of a massive struggle for power between His Lorship Earl Berithor Aelishan - the current and rightful ruler of the fief of Bar-Innis, and his usurper sister Dierdre and her Riverdan allies. Months of carnage lead to Berithor's Umbakian allies trying to exert both local rulership (in Berithor's name of course) and to force their faith upon the local, predominantly Wyld Faith followers. Waging a crusade against the Orrish of Dwindor Swamp from the west at bergen and beginning at Prencross, Berithor and his Umbakian allies tried to squeeze the Lowlands in a vise. Lead by Sir Robert Wheglin, Baron of Osmail Mark, and aided by Dierdres personal agents Gide's Gallants, the Lowland was trod under the wheels of war. Hundreds perished, thousands maimed. Entire villages gone - but in the end, through treachery and fortitude both, it was Sir Robert and the gallants who stood in the field. In its hasty retreat, Umbak emptied the town of Braddon Bog - a sleepy stop over point between Bergen and Small Mark. Also the ancestral protectorate of Xarharan, Geraldine and Taer of Gide's Gallants. Though Taer and Geraldine were both far too wounded to enact any defense, Xar grabbed a few of the Gallants and went on his own and pursued the slow moving loot caravan. Waiting for the majority of the advance guard to speed forward to Bergen when they approached within 4 hours, Xar made his attack. Against a single knight and a squad of men, Xar and his already wounded companions used range and deception. At last the knight fell and was hacked through his armor. The remainder of soldiers and baggage men fled and the loot caravan was slowly turned and rolled north first to Osmail Mark - along a much better road. Since then, the town's goods have languished... but it is time to return to Braddon Bog and bring a measure of happiness back to
the community who suffered so much at the hands of the Umbakians and Lightbringers.

Into the fall rains, mud, sickness and cold goes the group to return the rightful property.
However all is not well in Braddon Bog. Even the occupation cannot compare to the fear they find themselves in now... a fear borne of eerie hapenings, superstition, and a force they swear has a thirst for their very blood. Can the group unravel the mystery and solve that which plagues the town, can they heal.... THE SICKNESS OF BRADDON BOG?

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