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D&D Old to New

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I have been playin D&D since the mid 80's, have DM'd most of my time and like to play as well. I have many books from 1st ED to 3.0 but don't see spending more money without havin a chance to play. I usually created my own worlds and can adapt to almost all play. I prefer to role-play wirh some fighting. I have not done much in the fact of On-line or PbP...these are new to me.

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  1. Fly by Knight's Avatar
    as a gamer out of the dnd loop for some time, i feel your pain. i really dont like how it's changed. dont get me wrong, nothing wrong with change. and i understand the need to sell more stuff, but really all thats needed is a basic set of rules to empower a gm/party to explore their char and the world/campaign that they are in. i am not a fan of the special maneuvers and such for fighters, as much of that can be worked out with good role playing and a good general set of rules.

    money is money though kingston, and they have to sell these changes and books, or they will die off. its just business.

    good poste