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The new beginning?

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Realizing that some players are more reactive than proactive, following is the non-player generated plot hook. If the party has enough interesting characters with enough interesting backstory, I'll use a more player-centric hook:

Converting the Giants

Sarah, the human missionary, cried with her head in her hands. In the dim candlelight of her hut, she silently hoped that someone, somewhere, would come near and share her feelings of frustration. The mission of four members had the usual task: bring the light of Heironeous to the heretical giants, teach them the ways - music, learning, speech, trade - of the new kingdom, and improve relations between giants and humans. Her mission was with the Tonogar tribe, and things were going poorly.

Every other member of her mission seemed to have an ulterior motive. Yet all were supposedly good followers of Justice. The warrior seemed like he was testing the giants' combat skill, instead of simply protecting the mission. The sage was always probing for lost magical treasure. And the worst of them all, the priest, seemed convinced that all the giants were doomed to wallow in Vecna's underworld for eternity. Damn the mission's efforts.

Sarah lifted her head. She resolved, to herself and to Justice, that she would make a difference. This was a test from Heironeous, and she would make Him proud. As she wiped the tears away, Shinny, her closest giant friend, flung open her tent door.

"There is trouble! War comes! The Mage is here!"

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