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Solo Quest and Board Game

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Unable to resist i turned a single sol quest scenario into 6 connected ones. The connection part is optional, but they all fit together well if done in order. Still play testing them, but i will post all 6 when i am done. Only the first one is complete and i need one interactive test session where i obeserve to see if some of the little features i built in (hey, the web offers a lot more than paper!) are being used and worth it to keep in.

Sadly i was on another forum when it was asked what your favorite game would look like as a board game. As a designer, i could not resist the call and i sat down and pounded out a board game in a couple hours. I cut a bunch of card stock up and plan on testing it in the next couple weeks. I started typing up the initial mechanics and then a single "Tale". You can find it here:

Of course i am in the middle of another rules update: 3.5. Since deciding to make everything 100% free i find the mechanics too "advice heavy" or "explanation heavy" and am ripping out as much text as i can to move to player and GM services and keep the core mechanics light weight. Throw on top of that a heart surgery, mothers back surgery, wife's kidney infection, and a looming deadline at work of October 15th to release a full year's worth of labor for UW Medicine.. well, things got crazy (again). But i wont stop developing and designing. Had a 10 hour session last weekend - needed that.

Looking forward to some Munchkin, Arkham Horror, Kobolds Ate My Baby and who knows what else tomorrow.

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