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GoddessGood: The Ramblings

Border War Campaign Part 11

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Ominous Whispers' player decided to stay with us for another go 'round. This is our next to last session before the end of the year.

Our game began with the two Eclipses, Rami and Ominous Whispers, moving somewhere more comfortable to talk. Wataru and Gaias headed off in the general direction where the armored Abyssal was last seen (weft, if I remember correctly ) while Nine Willows and her ladymaid retired to take a nap.

Ominous Whispers and Rami discussed their diplomatic options regarding the mostly-abandoned town of Three Oaks, the massing Sumar army, the apparently renegade Sumar Elder, and the timing of the Wyld Hunt's arrival. It was decided that Rami would lead an organized resistance in Three Oaks and thus allow Ominous Whispers to escape through the forest to the next Sumar settlement over with the intention of gaining political support for overthrowing the renegade Elder. The pair visited Nine Willows to discuss the logistics of their plan.

Meanwhile, Wataru and Gaias searched about in the forest for the armored Abyssal to little avail. Gaias got turned around in circles for several hours while Wataru accidentally walked up to the gate of the Sumar port of Kalia which, being on lockdown, was quite suspicious of his open approach on the road. Managing to deflect the situation, he arrived back at the border in time to see Gaias sneaking up on the Sumar army. Gaias had seen a large, dark figure in the midst of the army and was going to see if it was the Abyssal. Wataru, convinced of the folly of this plan, talked Gaias into coming back to Three Oaks since the armored Abyssal would probably return there in search of his partner.

Returning to Three Oaks, Gaias and Wataru met up with the rest of the party discussing their tactics. After a brief report, they decided that Ominous Whispers' attendants were best left hiding in a safe location and that Nine Willows would function as an aide for her while she was without them. Gaias, Wataru and Rami would return to the army and stir up a commotion trying to frighten them back across the river. The party then split up with three headed to the border and two headed to the shadowland to see if further activity occurred.

The three reached the northern flank of the army and attacked them with a great show of power. To stop the rout, the armored Abyssal (who had been with the troops) confronted them and commanded the army to move out towards Three Oaks while he "took care" of the party. Wataru sent Rami back to Three Oaks to tell the others that the army was on the move. In a quick, brutal battle the Abyssal managed to take Gaias' hand off with a well aimed blow but was killed in the end. Revenge accheived, Gaias removed the Abyssal's helmet only to discover that the man was, in fact, his brother! Though his skill was limited, Gaias desperately attempted to heal him ... but it was too late. Forgetting his own hand in his grief, Gaias, led by Wataru, carried his dead brother back to Three Oaks.

From the door to the Council Hall, the two women watched ...

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Updated 02-23-2009 at 11:00 AM by GoddessGood

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