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A new game

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As we have come to the conclusion of our second 2E D&D game, we will be looking to start a new game sometime during the second half of October. This time we will be playing Conspiracy X. It will be GMed by Etarnon and will be interesting to see what unfolds in a non D&D world. At the present time, I am not sure if I will make a campaign log for my character or not. Also, speaking of character, I have no idea what type of a character I will be playing. I am excited to be able to get the chance to participate in another game that I am not running.

Work continues on the continuation to the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth game. Since we have had a couple of people decide that there was too much of a crowd, they have steped out of the gaming group. The down side to this is that I had to go back and redo all of my intended encounters that were based on the larger number of characters. Don't want to end up with a TPK on the first encounter.

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