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A short cut from some new friends

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As we gathered for this game session, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Belsar has gained enough XP that he has now become a level 6 fighter. This will come in handy since it is the party's intent to push down the the illithid's underground city stronghold in an attempt to free all those that have been taken.

We set out with the intent on making our way to the illithid's city. From what we have seen and been told of the illithids, the people that they have taken captive probably don't have much time left. We can only hope that we reach them in time.

As we descend, we do come across a couple of illithids and some other creatures. It is obvious that the illithids are trying to capture the other creatures, so we immediately come to their aid. Using what has been learned from previous encounters with the illithids, Belsar tells the party that there needs to be multiple attackers on each of the 2 illithids. This way they didn't have an easy time of only having to fight/defend against a single opponent. This proves to be a good strategy, as these 2 illithids are disposed of rather quickly.

After the fight is over, the other creatures express their gratitude. Next thing we know is that there are many of these new creatures coming out of the rock. Unlike the gnomish type creatures, these new ones are more than happy to assist us. They even know where the people that we seek are being held. They are willing to get us as close as possible. We rest, heal and prepare, for we know that where they are taking us will put us right at a very large battle.

Once everyone is ready, our new friends do their thing and amazingly we are able to travel through the rock just like them. This allows for them to take us straight to where we need to be and will help give us somewhat of a surprise advantage. We come out into a cavern room and they give us directions on where to find the others. Wasting no time and not wanting to be discovered and lose our surprise advantage, we immediately move on.

The directions were really good and before we know it, we are at this large cavern where the captives are being held down in a lower cavern only accessable from this one. Of course we get attacked by several illithids. This is going to be a battle that decides if the party or the illithids prevail. eventhough there are many illithids, we don't split up and fight them singularly. We wanted to make sure that nobody was off by themselves and could possibly become lunch.

Having a score to settle with the illithids, Belsar attacks with a vengance. He skill as a higher level fighter than the rest is quickly realized, due to the hits and damage that he is dealing out. The best part is that none of the party are on the recieving end of one of Belsar's battleaxe strikes. Eventually, the illithids are disposed of and nobody has lost their brains, at least from the party.

Thinking that the fight was over, some of the party made their way down to where the captives are below. Just as they go below, that is when the magical attacks start. Now it gets harder. Even Belsar is having a rough time of it. Lots of tendrils come up from the cavern floor. Although each swing of his axe would take out 4 or 5 of the tendrils, there were always others to take their place. Next thing everyone knows, there is this large magical blast at what had come from a circle on the cavern floor. This gets rid of the tendrils, but there is another illithid that comes up from the circle. It attacks and many of those that didn't go down to help the captives gather to fight it. Next thing he knows, Belsar sees something that he has seen before. Coming up from the circle is that great white worm. Belsar can't do anything about it though, since he is fighting the illithid that had come from the circle. Luckily the magic users of the party are available and with the help of another, they are able to defeat this creature. Realizing that they need to destroy the circle to stop the illithids from being able to use it, they try several different attacks, but nothing seemed to be able to Belsar steps up and makes a mighty swing with his war hammer. As the hammer strikes the circle, the head shatters into tiny pieces and Belsar is left standing there just holding the handle. The party's newest friends show up and help clean things up. They also say that they will take care of the circle, this way the party can get the captives back above ground.

Since finding the underground short cuts, we are able to lead everyone back to Milborne. They are welcomed as heros, with much partying taking place at the Inn. After the last battle, the party has decided that they need to take a well deserved break. The spellcasters have research that they want to do. The fighters are looking to have some time to train and learn more weapons. Belsar needs to make himself a good warhammer that won't break easily. (He doesn't know that the hammer shattered due to the circle device being a powerful magical device of the illithid's diety.) He also wants to look into being able to procure some better armor than what he currently has.

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