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GoddessGood: The Ramblings

Border War Campaign - Persons, Places and Things

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The Locations
Three Oaks - The main story location. Governed by the local Council of Five. This is a highly spiritual town, obedient to the tenets of their city god, Amaal Arnisth. One of these is a prohibition against the possession or crafting of metal. It is believed that the influence of refined metal harms one's spirit, separating it from the flow of nature. Goods exchange is conducted mainly through barter or using marble chits.

Kalia - A city on the opposite side of the river to Three Oaks. Kalia is an industrial port town with high protective walls around the main city. It is governed by the Elder, a hard, grasping woman who is has called for the border with Tyria to be reinforced along the river. Recently, companies of foreign toughs have been hired on to add to security.
High Keep - The center of government in Sumar. It is set into a cliff face and surrounded by a high wall. There are separate quarters in the city for foreigners, merchants, politicians, and nobility, etc. Each city in Sumar houses trained birds that will return to High Keep with messages. The House of Lords holds session here overseen by the Oligarch, a position which rotates every season to a different Lord.

Dramatis personę
The Exalts
Gaias Valerius - Dawn caste warrior who hails from a village that fell when the Deathlord Mask of Winters overtook the city Thorns and the surrounding areas. Champions of the Deathlord destroyed everything Gaias ever knew, and he swore revenge. He trained under his mentor, a master of the blade, and set out to find the man in black armor who killed his family.
Nine Willows in Autumn - Twilight caste scholar and healer, she was born in the warm southwestern satrapies of the Realm. She exalted while serving on the Blessed Isle as a physician and was driven out, losing her family and her position. She made her way east to escape from her past, and now sells her services to pay for her search for greater knowledge ... and greater power.
Nomora Kageto (Wataru) - This honorable Night caste was once the head of security for the noble House Crystal on the isle of Avery in the far western ocean. When the entire family was killed in one night, he was found unconscious holding his bloody sword. He was sentenced to death only to be secreted away by his second in command. His journey is one of redemption.
Ominous Whispers - What harm can befall you from a young, blind girl? Plenty, when she is also an Eclipse caste Solar exalt. From her humble origins, she has made of herself a treasured diplomat - and assassin - to the Guild. She is in Tyria to assure that peace is maintained ... at all costs.
Zehpyr Voltanis - An assassin, but not what you'd expect. This Night Caste is out for vengeance and gunning for the Realm, one Dragon-Blooded at a time.
Fractured Sapphire - A craftsman and interrogator, he works for the Guild under Ominous Whispers. This Twilight Caste has been summoned by Whispers as backup to aid in her mission.
Stalwart Second - A Northern warrior, jocular and true. This Zenith traveled to Three Oaks to carry out a final favor for a fallen comrade and found himself caught in a dangerous situation.
Rami Tariq (NPC) - Rami is a jocular man of surprising talents and unknown origins. He seems to have a personal stake in the city of Three Oaks and is willing to fight to see that it survives.
Silver Draped Wraith (NPC) - This striking young Lunar was formerly known as Crystal Bay, a scion of House Crystal. Her exotic appearance distracts the eye from the many deadly secrets that lie beneath the skin.
Bones of the Ashen Pheonix (NPC) - None other than the very man in black armor that killed Gaias' family and razed his village to the ground. Unbeknownst to Gaias, this Abyssal is also his elder brother.
Traveller Under the Sanguine Moon (NPC) - Consummate agitator, this Abyssal was tasked by his master to discover the secrets hidden by the Great Tree deep in the forest between Tyria and Sumar. He is willing, and able, to do anything to complete his mission.
Typhon (NPC) - Diplomatic envoy from Thorns to the Scavenger Lands Confederation of Rivers. This Abyssal was sent to High Keep to forward his Liege's interests in Kalia/Three Oaks.
Howls Justice (NPC) - A Lunar masquerading as the Black Star Mastiff named Aesis. Gaias' mentor, Adamant Rose, sent Justice with Gaias to make sure he got back home alive.

The Mortals
The Council of Five - The governing body of Three Oaks
The Elder - The head woman in charge of Kalia
The Tea House Mistress - A refined lady of culture and class, here to serve you whenever you ask
Senmai (Mai) - Handmaid to Nine Willows in Autumn, former lady of the evening in Lookshy
Halvor - Gaias mysterious traveling companion, he was killed at the toll crossing and none of the stories he told Gaias seem to check out
Aesis - A huge black hound belonging to Gaias' mentor and sent along to "watch after him."

The Gods
Amaal Arnisth - The as of yet unseen city god of Three Oaks
The Bibliothecary - Known only to the party as "the tree god," she has shown herself to be petulant as well as petty. Her home and visage is a giant evergreen with its canopy near a mile above the surrounding forest. She has promised Willow knowledge of sorcery if she will give the god one of the Abyssals.

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