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The horror of Yukon

FF HERO: Geomancer

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This one was tricky. Instead of defining each power for each terrain, I made it a VPP so it be more up to the player's imagination.


Category: adept

Ability maxes: 8 10 10 12 10 10

Allowed Weapons: axes, instruments, knives, light swords, polearms, swords

Allowed Armor: armwear, hats, helmets, robes, shields suits

Starting ability:
Geomancy: VPP (11 pt pool {11 pts}; 30 pt control cost {powers limited by environment type currently in (-1.5) OAF (-1) 4 pts.) Total cost: 14 pts.

You utilize the powers of the land around you to your advantage. You can create powers that are fitting for a environ type. You can add life support and enhanced senses if it makes sense. The examples in FFRPG are good starters. Others include support abilities for different environments like water breathing for a water environment or clinging in mountainous region.

Other abilities:
Geotrance: change environment (5 pts worth) varying combat effects (+10 adder), broad group(+1) 16 m radius (+3/4) (active cost 41 pts). OAF (-1) costs x2 END (-1/2) extra phase (-3/4) concentration (half DCV) (-1/2) no range (-1/2) constant incantations (-1/2) Real cost: 9 pts.

You enter a trance to alter the weather around you. You can affect an area up to 16 m with any weather effect that costs 5 pts. It costs 8 END per phase active, and while active you must constantly speak the incantation, the effects are centered on you (but doesn’t move with you) and are at half DCV while it is active.

Light Step: flight 8 m (8 active points) only in contact with a horizontal surface (-1/2) Real cost 5 pts.

Over any terrain, you can walk with ease. You can hover over any horizontal surface to avoid touching the ground. Costs END as normal.

Pangea: UOO (limited range and must be within LOS) naked advantage (beneficial effects up to 40 active points) (+1/4) (10 active points) OAF(-1) Real cost: 5 pts.

Share any of your beneficial powers with a friend. You can use a self-only power on any ally within 16 m. The effects turn off once the target is out of LOS.

Suggested skills/talents:
Combat Skill Levels
Defense Maneuvers
Combat Luck
Combat Sense
Knowledge skills
Bump of direction
Environmental movement

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Updated 09-10-2010 at 10:02 AM by yukonhorror

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