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Monitizing my passion II

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I wrote earlier about monitizing my passion for gaming. Since I retired from the Coast Guard I haven't really done any gaming. Between working on my home and family I haven't made the time for it. I hear talk of table top gaming dying and I can see why. I can get my "fix" by playing Fate on the PC for 45 minutes without involving anyone. I can also live vicariously through others in the community by reading their blogs. I pulled a couple of old role playing games off of that the kids and I have been enjoying. Sword of the Samurai and Princess Maker II are big hits.

I may do a site that monitizes gaming in the future. Right now I'm working on another "supposedly more profitable" site that is also very important to me. You can follow my successes and failures at:

As I get into the process I find that I am more dismayed at the income earning potential but I feel more capable of putting up a web site that will actually contribute to the web. I'll know more in the coming months. I find that I want money to come easily and quickly. Part of me knows that is not reality but I am a sucker for GRQ pitches. The reality is that making money on the web is not GRQ. I should know that. P&P Games is an excellent site and I don't think Farcaster has quit his day job yet.

Hopefully things level out soon for me to play a real game.

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