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The horror of Yukon

FF HERO: fencer

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Category: warrior

Ability maxes: 10 10 15 6 6 13

Allowed Weapons: knives, light swords, swords

Allowed Armor: Armwear, Hats, Suits, Shields

Starting ability:

Martial maneuvers (fencing) as defined in 6e2.

Can use Dex instead of Str for extra dam (Dex min is same as Str min on weapons)

Other powers:
Swarm strike: 1 RKA NND (poison immunity can stop it) (+1/2) dam over time (3 time each every 4 segments) (+2) Does body (+1) Active cost (22) OAF (-1) extra time (extra segment) (-1/2) no range (-1/2) Real cost 7 pts.

You strike a foe, inflicting him with a corroding poison. Costs 2 END to use. Inflicts 1 BODY dam (unless the target uses an antidote or has poison immunity) every 4 segments for a whole turn. Activates on the segment after using it.

Automatic Riposte: 1d6 HKA Trigger (character blocks an attacker’s sword-blow, activates as an Action that takes no time, resets immediately, +1) 30 Active points; OAF (-1) Real cost: 15 pts.

You block a blow, and strike back as a reflex action. After a block, you make a quick 1d6 HKA atk that costs 3 END to use.

Feather blow: + 5 OCV 25 active points OAF (-1), only with melee weapons (-1/2) Lasts one phase (-3) Real cost 5 pts.

By focusing and taking aim, the fencer finds the chink in the armor to make a deadly atk. For the next melee atk, get +5 OCV to the atk.

Piercing blow: +1d6 HKA armor piercing (+1/4) Area of effect 16 m line (+1/4) Active cost 22 pts. OAF(-1) extra segment (-1/2) Real cost 9 pts.

An arc of penetrating energy sprays forth from your sword.

Shadowstick: drain +3d6 dex 30 active points OAF (-1) costs x4 END (-3/4) incantations (-1/4) real cost 10 pts.

By speaking dark words, a blast of negative energy shoot forth from your sword which bogs down your opponent. Drain 3d6 character points from opponent which return at 5 character points per turn. Costs 12 END to use.

Bladeflash: 5d6 flash sight group 25 active points OAF (-1) Only works in daylight (-1/4) Real Cost: 11 pts.

You tilt your blade in a way to reflect the light of the sun to blind your foe. Roll 5d6 and reduce for flash defense. That is how many segments the target is blinded.

Wind slash: 4d6 blast with double knockback (+1/2) active cost 30 pts. No range (-1/2) OAF (-1) extra segment (-1/2) Real cost 10 pts.

You slash so swiftly, a blast of wind knocks your opponent backwards. Targets ED.

Hamstring strike: +1d6 HKA Active cost (15 points) (OAF (-1) extra segment (-1/2) real cost 5 points Entangle 1d6 Body 1PD/1ED takes no dam from atks (+1/2) Active points 15, doesn’t prevent use of a foci (-1), OAF(-1) Extra segment (-1/2) Link (-1/2) Real cost 3 pts. Total cost 10 pts.

You make a slice at an opponents hamstring to immobilize him. Costs 2 END to use. Make an attack as normal to do 1d6 extra HKA dam and entangle the foe.

Better Lucky than Good: 2d6 Luck Active cost 10 pts. Only in combat (-1/2) Real cost 7 pts.

Your quick reflexes and natural intuition make others think you are lucky. When asked for a luck roll, roll 2d6. Each “6” is one luck point. Will usually happen if an attack would knock you below 0 STUN or BODY, or something of that sort.

Suggested skills/talents:
Weapon Familiarity
Combat Skill Levels
Defense Maneuvers
Fast Draw
Combat Luck
Combat Sense
Deadly Blow

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Updated 08-30-2010 at 11:44 AM by yukonhorror

Final Fantasy in 6th edition HERO


  1. Richard Littles's Avatar
    Nice write up and seems to be a very interesting template to use in any fantasy/medieval game.
  2. yukonhorror's Avatar
    thanks. Some of the notes are more for me than my players. I am new to the game, so writing things out helps me remember the details involved. The more powers I write up though, the lazier I get .